Cruise Companies


Shipping companies and cruise lines are now facing the same business challenges as all other players of the travel market.  90% of cruises are still booked offline, and there are not so many cruise companies that have already implemented an online cruise reservation system.


Cruise booking software is generally based on the same technologies as any other software for travel industry:  XML API integration for adding new tourism products, B2B and B2C booking engines, payment systems and back office solutions.

To enable more effective and flexible marketing strategies, cruise reservation software includes B2B and B2C booking engines. The latter allow booking not only from web interfaces, but also from mobile and social media travel applications, which have quickly become the most popular booking tools.  The resulting solution may be similar in many ways to the tour booking software that companies implement to sell vacation packages. Consequently, professional tour software may become the key factor to capture the market of cruising holidays.

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