Meta-search websites


When browsing the Internet in pursuit of best flights fares and hotel offers, travelers get easily confused and literally drown in the ocean of online travel services. Travel meta-search websites are readily accessible and decidedly tempting platforms for people to make their travel arrangements easier and more effective. By consolidating data from multiple tourism providers, travel websites, OTA's and reseravtion systems these websites grant the opportunity to comfortably choose the best services and cheapest prices according to search terms.

Travel meta-search portals and online booking websites are not at all the same thing. While online booking websites offer customers to conduct a search and book a flight or room immediately afterwards, meta-search websites don’t sell anything. They provide options and redirect customers to the service provider’s website to book.

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t be tricked into believing that meta-search business case is as simple as that. In the course of its work GP Solutions has gained considerable expertise in dealing with requests for developing both hotels meta-search engines as well as flight fares aggregatos. Our vast experience indicates that many companies have a hard time validating their possibilities. Moreover, they commonly fail to fully understand how meta-search engines work and why their development from scratch demands considerable intellectual and financial assets.


Before getting down to the development process business analysts of GP Solutions make sure that companies have a clear vision of their business needs, goals and expectations. Company has to see where it stands among other online services in the Digital Travel market. It is highly advisable for it to have precise answers to the following questions:

  • Do you have any functioning travel website? Does it attract traffic?
  • Who is your target audience? Prices for what tourist services are you going to compare and feature?
  • Do you have any business dealings with tourism providers? If so, who are they? Do you have access to their API?

Your answers as well as your business goals and financial capacities are our prime consideration. Based on this information, GP Solutions has 2 assumed lines of cooperation to offer.


GP Solutions offers custom travel meta-search engine development for large travel and technology companies with solid investment and a clear idea, as well as for venture start-ups. Business analysis is crucial at this point as this is when we decide upon:

  • providers you are interested in collaborating with;
  • technical aspects of such collaboration;
  • support;
  • time frame.

As a result of BA, we provide you with the Vision Document (20-50 pages long) and the Backlog that highlights requirements, priorities, and project stages. These are the documents we rely upon in our further development.

If you go for this option, please, Request a quote specifying your choice (Option 1).


GP Solutions is willing to provide small companies with little expertise in development issues with its consulting services on joining travel affiliate partnerships programs of some well-known brands. Depending on the pursued objectives, travel meta-search giants offer affiliate programs for various degrees of financial and technical engagement while monetizing your traffic and delivering ultimate experience to your users.

If you can boast of a functioning travel website and you are about to add new features to your business, this is a nice opportunity to enter into partnerships with another travel meta-search website and get access to its API on certain terms. GP Solutions, in its turn, possesses all the required knowledge to give you a hand with front-end development and fancy unique user interface.

This option does for you even in case you have nothing to do with the travel industry, but you still strive to generate incremental revenue from your site traffic and need an easy-to-implement solution. GP Solutions will be thrilled to recommend companies that have adopted the travel meta-search business model and offer their white-label solutions to enhance your business performance with new assets.

If you go for this option, please, Request a quote specifying your choice (Option 2).

If you wish to find out more, please, do not hesitate to contact us.