Database design and development


Large data volumes can cause troubles both to database users and developers. Database management and optimization is a permanent challenge in travel software development, as data volumes continue to grow, and there are always large portions of unstructured data to cope with.


Even well-structured databases require continuous performance optimization and periodic redesign. Travel database design and optimization involves manifold tasks and solutions. Sometimes database migration is needed for the purpose of upgrading or vendor changing. Unstructured data management may require collecting data from different sources (i.e. PDF or doc files) and unified data import. In most cases, optimization of performance and availability is a must to provide fast search through data arrays and to implement more flexible search options.

Another challenge in software development for travel industries is efficient processing of enormous volume of business data and statistics. Specialists of GP Solutions have mastered the techniques to improve the performance of applications with large data volumes. Their experience includes Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL and NoSQL database design and optimization.

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