GP Travel Case

GP Travel Case is a comprehensive online business travel planner integrated with booking facilities. Bring value to your corporate clients by helping them to organize business trips. Intelligent searching, booking and add planning of flights, hotels and transfers.

Key Capabilities

  • Allows to plan and manage complex business trip itineraries.
  • Gives full control over your corporate policy and budget.


  • GP Travel Case is available online 24 / 7 / 365
  • Works on PC, tablets and smart phones

Itinerary builder

  • Create complex itineraries for multi-destination travel with a series of flights and hotels.
  • Plan meetings and events, such as tradeshows, conventions and business meals with clients.
  • Build a detailed, down to every hour plan of your trip.
  • Drag and drop applicable event icons to the calendar to plan a trip.
  • To map out (plan) a business trip, simply drag and drop applicable icons to the calendar.

Interactive Planner

  • Schedule appointments, share and discuss trip details with your associates.
  • Invite others to plan and join the trip with just a click of a button.

Search and booking

  • Use the planner to search and book all travel products in the same interface.

Corporate travel management

  • Keep business travel expenses under control by setting up rate (price) limits for trips and hotels based on destination, and by adjusting daily allowance for employees based on their rank.


  • Generate and view all financial statements for a business trip with just a click of a button.


  • Generate a detailed trip schedule, a map of key destinations and all necessary documents for each participant.