GP Travel Store


Today, packaged tours are mostly distributed offline, and unlike other tourism products they haven’t totally penetrated the online markets of places where such tours are much sought after – Russia, Europe and American countries.

The main reasons why customers leave disappointed and frustrated with the experience of online shopping for packaged tours is tour booking software insufficiency:

  • No multi-destination search - some of new interesting destinations are left undiscovered. Promotion of special /discounted offers for selected destinations is really tough unless the tourist happens to specifically search for it
  • No or limited flexibility in date search - the customer is forced to perform as many searches as the number of desired departure and return dates.
  • Limited ability to adjust prices dynamically - there’s a choice between two evils: either to be less dynamic in prices or to bear with much longer response time while performing a search.
  • Low performance of search algorithms, which conduces to significant number of search requests returning no results, unacceptably long search period and low number of maximal concurrent users that can simultaneously buy on tour operator’s website.


Solving these problems is an extremely challenging task, but we managed to develop a state-of-the-art solution that does just that. It's been tough and demanding journey, but our hands-on experience in travel technology with hundreds of successful projects done for our prominent customers in the UK, Germany, Spain, Canada and more than 20 other countries, as well as the expertise we've acquired in flexible fast search is what helped us along the way.

GP Travel Store is the ultimate tour booking software that assures fast and effective search of packaged tours according to set parameters.

This web-service provides unparalleled search convenience:

  • Supersonic multi-destination search that takes milliseconds to respond
  • Broad date range with a wide durations interval
  • Incremental price update
  • Smart search technology
  • Ability to sustain huge search load – over 300 requests per second
  • Unlimited scalability (cloud or cluster based)
  • Unlimited number of tour packages

GP Travel Store web-application supports XML and JSONP formats as responses to the sent requests and consists of:

Search panel
  • Departure airport and/or departure city
  • The earliest possible departure date
  • The latest possible arrival date
  • The min and the max number of nights that can be spent at a hotel
  • Number of adults and children
Search results
  • Minimal prices on destinations according to set parameters
  • Minimal prices on hotels that are available in the selected destination
  • Prices and characteristics of possible offers in the selected hotel. Characteristics include: stay dates, stay duration, room and board types.

GP Travel Store comes with API documentation, personnel training and technical support.

The described characteristics and functionality of our tour booking software offer a unique opportunity for tour operators and online travel agencies to transform their tour package sales and bring them online the right way.

Check out GP Travel Store.