Social Media Integration


Social networking is arguably the most popular daily activity for millions of internet users. Thats why we see increase travel products sales  via social networking.


Social travel (Travel 2.0) is a trend loaded with potential for the industry of travel software development. The key factor for Travel 2.0 is interaction: social networking helps users to connect with their fellow travelers, choose destination based on what their friends recommend, share their own unique experiences and expand the network of social connections around the world.

Besides increasing online ticket sales, social media integration effectively strengthens the marketing capacity of travel business. It enables travel companies to amplify innovative services and strategies, thus making travel service truly social.

Many travel companys raise awareness of their brand by promoting communities in social networks. Virtually all of the OTAs and airlines work intensively on social exposure and participation. To attract more business and increase customer loyalty, these companies offer special deals and exclusive bonuses to their Facebook followers. And that is just a fraction of what can be achieved through integration of social network’s API into the corporate workflow and software, e.g. into the company’s booking engine or loyalty program.

To simplify the use of online travel services for travelers, they are being made accessible by just a click of a button. Social media integration is keen on what is called social login, it's a cool feature that enables logging into the company’s services using a social network account. It also provides the travel company with invaluable information that can be used not only for better targeting, but also for offering a whole new array of products and services.

GP Solutions developers have extensive experience in working with the Facebook API and building travel applications. Apart from the most popular social network, GP specialists can also perform API integrations and create applications for other social networks, including, Orkut etc. The nature of social network applications calls for continuous support and updates. It makes the choice of technology even more demanding, because a travel technology company should commit to long-term support and proper maintenance of their apps.

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