XML API Integration


More than a decade experience in the travel technology guarantees GP's competence in XML API integration. Over 450 integrations since 2002, including flight XML connections to such companies as Amadeus and Galileo, hotel XML to nearly 30 suppliers worldwide, and many more. These integrations became possible not only on the basis of GP HUB, but also as custom projects.


Successful airline API integration is possible only if certain technical requirements are met. The same is true for hotel reservation, visas and insurances. Various suppliers demand different approaches, but the bothersome task of supplier integration is accomplished by implementing a unified XML gateway, such as GP HUB.

With unified connectivity gateway it is possible to merge data from multiple tourism product suppliers, organize and distribute travel content. The assortment of the offered tourism products includes flights, transfers, car rentals, railway tickets, hotels and other accommodation services, visas, insurances, cruises, excursions, and more. Global may vary from well-known GDS and hotel wholesalers to local transfer services and car rentals, and also organizers of tourist activities.

In addition to the travel XML integration, GP Solutions offers support and maintenance, including regular updates to the implemented travel API interface. Updates are necessary because the suppliers themselves continuously develop their travel technology systems.

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