Implementation options

After we get a new request from a client we analyze project requirements and select between 3 main options how to move forward:

OPTION 1 - Solutions "from scratch"

Bespoke travel software development “from scratch” has some unbeatable advantages compared to off-the-shelf travel software:

  • Flexibility in development, implementation and integration
  • Full control of system source code
  • Independence from the vendor’s product road map
  • Unquestionable intellectual property rights
  • Unlimited scaling and customization

Our expertise allows fulfilling demands of any particular travel business, including collaborative custom travel software development projects.

OPTION 2 - Solutions based on in-house products

  • GP Travel Platform
    • The core of our travel technology come from years of mastering travel domain. It enables quick development and immediate deployment of custom solutions to automate travel business processes. GP Travel Platform consists of many components assembled and configured in many ways to meet the most unique business needs. This makes the functionality extendable and the entire system highly adaptable to various business models.

  • GP Hub
    • Unified back-end solution for travel API integration with diverse systems of travel wholesalers. It effectively enables simultaneous interaction between the systems of travel companies and suppliers of travel products via travel XML API.

  • GP Travel Store
    • Ultimate tour booking software that assures fast and effective search of packaged tours according to set parameters.

  • GP Travel Case
    • Interactive online business travel planner integrated with booking facilities.

This option allows to save time and effort by using already developed flexible solutions, that may be easily configured for your business model. Ready-made software products accelerate launching new travel products and services in the global market.

OPTION 3 - Solutions based on 3-rd party software

We have extensive experience working with and integrating software solutions of other travel tech vendors and are capable to take up and continue any ongoing project. GP professionals assist in adjusting, re-factoring and supporting the existing travel software. Active involvement and support is provided for any stage of the project: enhancement or modification of a system in development or qualified assistance in specific areas where a travel company needs additional technical skills and resources.

We would like to stress the point that any combination of options above is possible.

For more detail on how our expertise and solutions can support your business, contact us right now.