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As a tour operator or any other online travel business, you’re likely to interact with multiple travel service providers and most certainly with the diversity of their own platforms and interfaces. The integration with each of them can be one hell of a business and requires a great amount of time, effort and money.

Looks like a huge challenge, but GP Hub is designed exactly for overcoming it and keeping the money in your pocket.


GP Hub

GP Hub offers you a unified API for integrating with various systems of consolidators, GDSs and tourism product providers. Its solid interface helps you interact with multiple suppliers on a real time basis and simultaneously, receive current offers and prices directly from them, manage, keep and synchronize this data.

GP Hub

GP Hub supports integration with:

  • Global Distribution systems (GDSs)
  • Hotels consolidators and channel managers
  • Transfers and excursions providers
  • Incoming tour operators and Destination Management Companies (DMCs)
  • Online booking websites
  • Car rental companies and consolidators
  • Insurance companies
  • Railway service providers

With GP Hub you can work with more than 80 suppliers already available. You can also download the full list for convenience. This list is being constantly extended, since every 3 months GP adds 2-3 new connectivity modules available for travel XML integration.

Need more suppliers that aren’t on the list? No problem, have them added upon your request fast and easy.


Various world-known travel companies – from famous tour operators to airlines – have already assessed advantages and capabilities of this powerful travel industry solution. Please visit Our Works to see how you can expand your business with GP Hub.