Database Optimization

Database Optimization

Amargo, a Russian OTA, offers airline ticket booking and also other services, such as visa application and car rent.

Due to high volume and extremely heavy load of daily transactions the Client needed complete restructuring and optimization of the currently used database.


As part of the solution GP Solutions performed clusterization of the Client's reservation system along with Oracle database optimization, which included:

  • Migration and modification of the database structure
  • Development and modification of business objects on PL/SQL, stored procedures, triggers, packages, functions
  • Optimization of request/response speed
  • Creation of automatic processes (Oracle jobs)
  • Development of visual application for daily work with database
  • Synchronization with external systems
  • Caching and performance optimization on the database level
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“I would like to thank GP Solutions, you and your team in particular for creative approach to the tasks and successful delivery of our online travel software functionality! The Board of Directors gave high rating to the delivered scope and its quality. The demo for investors is scheduled within 2 weeks. Keep it up, guys!”

Igor Atamanovsky, CEO,