Corporate Booking Website

Corporate Booking Website

Flying over 40 million passengers annually and operating a fleet of over 250 planes, the Client is a major full-service airline and a key player in the airline industry. They needed a scalable and reliable system accessible from numerous offices (considering the local differences between business processes at various regional offices).


GP Solutions was involved into collaborative development of an internal system of the airline company. As a result, the company implemented a powerful corporate travel management solution for its internal travel department. The system's purpose is to book and manage business trips for employees, manage incentive trips and assist employees in booking holiday tours.

As part of remote dedicated team, GP's specialists customized and implemented tourism product packaging logic. They made an important contribution into realization of the booking flow for both airline ticket booking and hotel reservation, transfers etc.

Another solution completely provided by GP is the packaged tours calendar with the possibility to preview up to 3 days before and after the selected tour dates. Our team has also developed connectors to Pegasus Solutions and American Express based on GP Travel Platform components.