IT-Consulting and BA for the Travel Meta-search Engine

IT-Consulting and BA for the Travel Meta-search Engine

The Jizo meta-search portal delivers results from the most important OTAs, numerous airlines and railways, hotels and cars rentals in real time, compares prices, advises travel dates and then redirects users to the booking services. To develop all these functionalities, we had to conduct both business- and technology-related research for our Client and provide him business analytics and high-level technical solutions.

Our responsibilities included the next main points:

  • defining the scope of the project,
  • reformulating technology requirements,
  • creating business and technology model of the start-up.


To prepare the sturdy ground for actual development, we had to do the following:

  • conduct market research of similar solutions in the global touristic industry,
  • outline future business processes with respect to relationships with future partners and also the money flow,
  • discuss all principal matters with stakeholders, agreeing on system architecture and integration.
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“Use of GP’s best practices and some of the travel software ready components allowed us create a base configuration of the application in the shortest time possible. We have already launched a successful project and continue to actively develop it by adding new functions and custom-features”

Sergey Lavrentyev, CEO, Jizo Ltd.