Meta-search Website

Meta-search Website

Jizo is a large meta-search engine that allows comparing prices on flights, railway tickets, hotel reservation, car hire and apartment rent. The information comes from major airlines, most important OTAs, over 250 000 hotels, large number of CIS railways, and 175 car rental services worldwide.


The project was developed and launched in less than 2 months. The resulting solution is a client-server application that includes GP HUB for supplier integrations (to date, over 40 integrations with various kinds of suppliers – websites, CRSs, OTAs) to provide data on flights availability and pricing.

As part of the solution, GP Solutions provided efficient dynamic caching for fast search under heavy loads. The architecture of the application enables displaying search results in less than 3-5 seconds.

GP's developers also created unique interface that represents offers and prices in the form of a 2D matrix.

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“Use of GP’s best practices and some of the travel software ready components allowed us create a base configuration of the application in the shortest time possible. We have already launched a successful project and continue to actively develop it by adding new functions and custom-features”

Sergey Lavrentyev, CEO, Jizo Ltd.