Integration with Social Networks

Integration with Social Networks

The meta-search engine Jizo helps to compare prices on flights, railway tickets and accommodation services. The information comes from several major airlines, most important OTAs, over 250 000 hotels, large number of CIS railways, and 175 car hire services all over the world.


GP Solutions developed and implemented an application that helps to find and book the cheapest flight to get to the user's friend on Facebook.

The application allows comparing costs and finding the cheapest railway or airline ticket for the trip between two cities where Facebook friends reside. After the successful search the user is immediately redirected to the web interface that shows booking offers for the selected destination.

Application's functionalities include filtering by ticket price, destination country or city.


Jizo Ltd. En

“Use of GP’s best practices and some of the travel software ready components allowed us create a base configuration of the application in the shortest time possible. We have already launched a successful project and continue to actively develop it by adding new functions and custom-features”

Sergey Lavrentyev, CEO, Jizo Ltd.