Booking Engine for Outgoing TO

Booking Engine for Outgoing TO

The largest regional tour operator requested a flexible online booking and management tool for its travel agencies. The Client is currently working with over 800 travel agencies.


The delivered functionality is based on travel reservation and management software components of GP Travel Platform. System settings and properties have been adjusted to reflect the organizational structure of the Client.

This travel and tourism software solution provides business rules for elaborate pricing and payment schemes. Another aim was to provide large sub-agencies with a possibility to connect and manage their own network of travel agents.

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GP Solutions proved to be technically competent and extremely experienced team. Any force-majeure is promptly addressed and resolved on-the-fly. GP Travel Platform shows user-friendly design and has multiple tools to develop your travel business. Pegas Tour highly recommends GP Solutions as a reliable, experienced and tried-and-true company".

Anna Kapilevich, Head of Reservations Department, Pegas Tour