Our works

Web Solution for Booking Cruises

Tallinn, Estonia

GP's specialists participated in development and support of the web portal for booking cruises online, including onboard services.

More XML-suppliers for ACV

Montreal, Canada

A major airline company requested integration and support of an XML-gateway for connectivity to 3-rd party wholesale providers of travel products.

Improved Reservation Flow

Moscow, Russia

The Russian OTA wanted to increase performance of the reservation flow and improve representation of information to the end-user.

Complex solution for Atlantis

Vienna, Austria

The Client needed a complex solution to automate holding’s business-processes, support airline tickets sales, operate hotels offers from direct contractors and wholesalers, as well as to manage company’s own tour package inventory.

Meta-search Website

Moscow, Russia

The Client asked for a fully functional meta-search engine with fast search, intuitive user interface and multiple filtering and grouping options to sort search results.

iOS Application for Jizo

Moscow, Russia

GP Solutions created an iOS application for the Client's meta-search engine Jizo.

Corporate Booking Website

London, the UK

As part of the remote dedicated team, GP's specialists were involved into collaborative development of an internal system of the airline company.

CRS Integration

Bridgetown, Barbados

The Client planned to expand his business opportunities by integrating a large and reliable hotel reservation system and also significantly improve the back office system.

Expand Hotel Database of the OTA

Dublin, Ireland

The Client is an Irish OTA specializing on hotel reservation. They asked for expansion of the hotel inventory by adding new wholesalers.

Back-end XML Gateway

Moscow, Russia

An outgoing tour operator with over 18 years of experience wanted to expand the selection of tourism products.

XML Gateway for Etihad Airways

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Full scale hotel reservation booking flow was implemented in addition to airline ticket booking for the first class airline.

Incoming TO and Branch Offices Network

Havana, Cuba

The Client asked for a unified travel reservation and management platform to manage the international offices network.

Integration with Social Networks

Moscow, Russia

GP Solutions developed and implemented an application that helps to find and book the cheapest flight to get to the user's friend on Facebook.

Automation of Affiliate Program

Moscow, Russia

The Client, a Russian OTA, asked for a complex tool to create, manage and extend the affiliates program.

The National Reservation System

Minsk, Belarus

The National Reservation System was created by GP's developers upon request of the National Tourism Agency of Belarus.

Travel Supplier Integrations

Bristol, the UK

GP Solutions is tasked to develop a handler plug-in for the Client's software.

IT-Consulting and BA for the Travel Meta-search Engine

Moscow, Russia

We advised the start-up company before launching their new IT business and helped them create more practical Vision of it. Complete development of the working project took only two months.

Consulting Services for Atlantis

Vienna, Austria

We partnered with Atlantis to help implement and customize the travel platform according to their business needs, and to successfully integrate third party components.

From OTA to Hotel Consolidator

Moscow, Russia

Based on the custom version of GP's tour operating software, the Client received extended functionalities with outbound XML API.

Booking Engine for Outgoing TO

Chelyabinsk, Russia

This travel and tourism software solution provides business rules for elaborate pricing and payment schemes.

OTA and Social Network Integration

Malaga, Spain

GP Solutions performed a two-way integration of custom CRM system into the Client's social network.

Price Import

Moscow, Russia

According to the Client’s requirements, GP software.travel developed a custom Price Import tool for parsing data from imported pricelists.

XML for hotel consolidator


The scope of cooperation includes 7 mini-tasks to organize and optimize process of obtaining and working with XML content from one of the hotel suppliers.

Booking Solution for a Tour Operator

St.Peterburg, Russia

Custom installation of GP Travel Platform provides possibilities to search, compare and book travel products.

Prepaid Debit Cards for Travel

Moscow, Russia

IQ Card is a full-scope bank card electronic service with a well-developed system of partner bonus programs. The company issues several types of bank cards on the basis of Visa and MasterCard payment systems and furnishes them with advanced internet banking functionality and budget planning tools.

Semantic Search

Moscow, Russia

Semantic search (Free Text Search) is a smart tool that gives more creative approach to the travel booking process.

BA for the Leading Booking Service

Moscow, Russia

We conducted business analysis for Agent.ru Group to advise on performance and help define requirements for customized solutions relating to travel portal software.

Content Mapping

Munich, Germany

The Client requested GP's assistance in developing a master database of accommodation means to tackle the cross-reference issue.

Upsell Module

London, the UK

The Client decided to add some extra services to offer additional possibilities to a traveler when he or she is making a reservation (car hire, hotel, insurance etc.).

Load Testing of Booking Engine

Moscow, Russia

GP Solutions specialists performed load testing of the popular booking portal that offers airline and railway tickets, hotel reservation and car rent.

Various Logging Algorithms

Moscow, Russia

GP Solutions developed algorithms to store and structure log information in a way that does not affect overall software performance.

Cruise Reservation via iOS and Android Apps

Tallinn, Estonia

This collaborative project resulted in the creation of iOS and Android mobile applications for cruise reservation.

Booking Engine from Scratch


A Germany-based online travel company asked for a booking engine to offer various travel services.

Database Optimization

Moscow, Russia

Due to high volume and extremely heavy load of daily transactions the Client asked for complete restructuring and optimization of the currently used database.

Booking Portal for Accommodation Services

Moscow, Russia

In this project, components of GP Travel Platform formed the basis of a complex travel booking solution for the tour operator that specializes at accommodation.