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Alean Integration

Russian national tour operator Alean specializes in internal tourism offering family leisure, beach holidays, sanatorium-and-spa treatment, sightseeing, ski and active tours throughout Russia. Today Alean offers over 1,500 means of accommodations, 250 excursions, 100 routs for active tourism, introducing strong mutually beneficial relations with more than 12,000 travel companies from Russia and CIS.

Number of units: 1,200 hotels
Specialization: all countries of former USSR (15 countries)
Description language: Russian, English
Supported currencies: RUB, USD, EUR, UAH

The part of GP Travel Hub, Alean Hotels Module enables to search and book hotels from Alean tour operator that specializes in delivering travel services across Russia, Ukraine and some of the neighbor countries.

Basic module features:

  • Search for a hotel by city, dates of stay
  • View price breakdown per day
  • Book hotels
  • Print out vouchers