Traveler’s Guild


Traveler’s Guild is an online travel aggregator/consolidator established in the State of Kuwait with an objective to become a global company offering almost all the travel products and services to travel agencies, travel consolidators, tour operators and destination management companies globally.

Traveler’s Guild aims to tap the potential in growing markets servicing large travel companies with products that have gaps in their offering to their customers and servicing medium and small travel companies with travel products that they don’t have access to despite demands from their customers.

Number of units: more than 600,000 hotel queries around the world
Specialization: wordwide with focus on Europe and Eastern countries
Description language: English
Supported currencies: multiple

Traveler’s Guild has been set up as a “full service” travel aggregator/consolidator, providing a one stop shop for travel companies such as travel agencies for home offices, online travel portals both B2B and B2C with all the essential travel services available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

Traveler’s Guild offers all its services through a private label booking engine integrated within a customized website designed for Traveler’s Guild customers. The website works on a desktop and using the response design for mobile browsers or creating a mobile application for the Traveler’s Guild customers.

Traveler’s Guild strives to ensure that it has the best system to address the industry’s current and future requirements to ensure that the company is continuously at the forefront in the travel business. A robust, adaptable and scalable system with an inbuilt or integrated front office, mid office and back office is a must for success of Traveler’s Guild’s line of business. With such an integration the aim to deploy an enterprise system is to streamline all the entire operations functions right from front to back office departments including administrative functions as managing Human Resources and Payroll as well as marketing functions as Customer Relationship Management in Traveler’s Guild thereby automating processes; increase visibility and control; increase efficiency; control business processes; create reports, change business strategy on the go, reducing the cost of operations, increasing its revenue and providing the customer with a premium buying experience.