Vokrug Sveta

Module Vokrug Sveta allows to search&book hotels via popular travel company based in Minsk, Belarus.

  • Vokrug Sveta Hotels
Number of units: over 100,000
Specialization: CIS countries
Description language: English, Russian
Supported currencies: according to contract

www.vokrugsveta.by - corporate web-site.

www.hotel.by - hotel booking portal.

The company «Vokrug Sveta» was founded in 1994 as an agency for hotel booking in Minsk and rendering of services for comparatively small sector of domestic Belarusian market.

Nowadays the company «Vokrug Sveta» LLC is one of leading Belarusian tourist operators on incoming tourism. Company activity covers approximately 20 % of the tourist service market in Belarus.

«Vokrug Sveta» LLC is the member of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and its official partner in exhibiting and conferencing abroad, including those on national level.

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