Dear Colleagues, Clients, and Partners!

GP Solutions is thrilled to announce Release 9.5.1/9.5.2 of GP Travel Enterprise, offering its customers a range of new modules, features, and capabilities aiming to further enhance user experience. Furthermore, there have been new API changes.

Here is an outline of the most prominent new platform capabilities. In particular, our product team:

  • Added a re-arranged and extended B2C website menu;
  • Included the option to view transfer’s day/night prices and configure the search form to show only available transfer departures & destinations;
  • Expanded the car hire module by adding the option to specify and validate the driver’s age during the booking process;
  • Enabled default emails for Amadeus and Travelfusion;
  • Added reservations’ mass edit, history, summary and some other functions to the B2C website;
  • Enabled import of tourists’ names from Excel file while working with group booking and also extended configuration of custom documents.

Also, we made payment functionality augmentations, adding the possibilities to: 

  • Save the bank fee amount as an additional offline service;
  • Pay extra amount online with a bank card in case the booking price is modified after payment;
  • Issue partial amount invoices and support partial payments;
  • View % and amount of commission, markups that were applied in addition to the total prices for Supplier and Client. 

We also tweaked Reservations and CMS Tabs by re-grouping some navigation elements and implementing a more logical order of settings, making it more convenient.

There have been improvements to voucher functionality, such as:

  • Signature upload for vouchers to show they are “booked and paid” by a tour operator and confirmed with an e-signature;
  • An option to configure important transfers, activities, car hire information and show it in a voucher.
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new release
new release
new release
GPTE new release

We are also excited to release the French language version. You can read more about it in Release 9.5.2. Presentation

We added some additional features to the Back-Office:

  • Configuration of booking fields shown for travelers in the car hire section;
  • New column “City” for those using the bulk import of Agencies. Please, note it should coincide with the cities available in the system;
  • Full list of available categories now shown to the user within hotels availability.
GPTE new release
GPTE new release

We also worked on API Changes:

Now our clients can utilize new methods and parameters for the following products and functionalities:

  • Locations
  • Accommodation
  • Contracts
  • Booking Orders
  • DocumentTemplates
  • BusinessIntelligence
  • Locations
  • Packages
  • Invoices
  • CRMCommunications

We are happy to answer any of your questions. You can find further details on API improvements and more information about the new release in our Release 9.5.1/9.5.2. Presentation. If API changes affect the API methods you use, please, make the needed adjustments on your side. 

Contact our Support Team to update to GP Travel Enterprise 9.5.1/9.5.2, and feel free to Submit a contact request !