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GP Solutions provides software for different types of travel companies, including DMCs. Our team developed a full package of technological solutions to bring efficiency, visibility and pleasant user experience to every corner of DMC business.

Our Destination Management Solution reshapes the way you deliver travel services to clients:

  • Streamline your self-operated inventory management

  • Sell online your local suppliers’ offers

  • Enhance your office sales with offline reservation management

  • Set up flexible mark-ups, commissions and other commercial conditions

  • Power your business through improved reporting and analytics

  • Enable B2C bookings from your website

  • Improve the way you operate with your partners and customers

  • Make operational processes fully transparent
    and trackable

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GP Travel Enterprise for

Destination Management

We deliver our web-based GP Travel Enterprise platform designed to remove barriers on your way to paperless, transparent and cost-efficient DMC business. All of its modules are fully customizable, can be configured according to your specific requirements with full attention to detail.

The modular structure of our platform and the great number of modules available allows to develop your digital workflows and boost your performance in the following areas:

Self-Operated Inventory Management

Effective travel inventory management functionality is of paramount importance for DMC business. Whether you operate your own tours and activities or contract it from local suppliers, we deliver the right tools to manage and put them up for sale.

GP Travel Enterprise delivers a range of modules for managing all types of inventory, from self-operated charters to visa support, including:






Car Hire



By adopting your set of inventory tool you unlock the following capabilities:

  • Option to design your original touristic products and itineraries
  • Flexible configuration of pricing and tariffs
  • Setup of rule-based special offers and discounts
  • Supplier’s extranet for product self-management
  • Clear and easy availability tracking
  • Manage direct contracts with suppliers
  • Publish your travel products online for B2B and B2C

Experience extended Inventory Management opportunities with our travel DMC system

Advanced B2B Sales Management

Your relationship and collaboration with distributors is a key to sustainable business. Our company offers a line-up of solutions to facilitate your sales to travel agents, wholesalers and other tour operators, whatever applicable. These include:

Online B2B
Booking Applications

Partner Sales

Multi-level Distribution

  • Automate your online sales to B2B parties
  • Provide direct access for partner travel agents and wholesalers so they can book your products and manage orders via own branded accounts
  • Speed up booking processing
  • Connect to your partners and wholesalers as supplier via GP Travel Hub API for real-time availability check and bookings

B2C Online Booking for Travelers

Utilize our online booking engines and widgets to offer your product to the public via B2C websites. We provide a selection of templates or integration of GP Travel Enterprise API into your own booking interface.

  • Build your online booking portals
  • Introduce automated booking & search to your existing websites
  • Enable affiliate sales by placing your online booking widgets on partner websites

Find more about our solutions for building Online Travel Portals

Mobile Booking Apps

The mobile channel is something you cannot miss in your sales. Start reaching out to mobile users with our ready-made Android & iOS mobile applications.

  • Complement your online booking with mobile search & book interfaces
  • Provide your partners with one more channel to sell your products
  • Build a custom mobile app based on API of GP Travel Enterprise

CRM Extension

A reliable CRM system is essential to keep track of your relationships with suppliers and customers. With huge loads of information shared between your responsible staff members, you can maximize the synergy between your marketing, sales and account managers.

With our destination management company software you can deploy our extended CRM module or integrate any external CRM tools. In both cases, we make sure data is not duplicated between your systems thanks to the two-way integration.

  • Manage relationships with both your partners and end customers
  • Carry on online booking requests and relationships all in a single system
  • Stay in control over the entire customer life-cycle and sales funnel management


To manage all of your financial matters, we’re happy to offer special features covering the following functions:

  • Setup of payment methods, credit limits and deposits for agencies
  • Tracking and processing of invoices and payments
  • Integration with financial institutions to fetch up-to-date exchange rates
  • Automatic conversion of multiple currencies
  • Integration with 18+ online payment gateways

Reporting & Analytics

With all the data coming from the modules above and your internal systems, you’ll be able to source and analyze multiple metrics, including:

  • Booking reports
  • Booking lists by hotels, tours and more criteria
  • Sales reports
  • Financial reports for budget control
  • Advanced sales reports based on business intelligence algorithms

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