Travel Inventory Management

When everything’s automated, your sales are only a click away

Inventory management is by far one of the most labour-intensive part of travel company operations. Time-consuming and fragmented across multiple suppliers and travel services, it is less efficient and transparent when done manually.

GP Solutions rose to this challenge and introduced a range of tech solutions to simplify inventory management business processes and to ensure complete control of them through automation. With our specialized inventory management software, you can:

Inventory Management

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Manage your own and contracted inventory all from a single system
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Bring your offline suppliers online by easily adding their offers to inventory
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Manage availability of your travel products
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Cut your manual paperwork and boost productivity
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Extend your sales channels globally
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Minimize time-to-market for your product offering
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Avoid under- and overbooking

What Travel Inventory Automation Brings to Your Table

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Centralized inventory database
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Hassle-free inventory search and booking
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Real-time product tracking and update
Control icon
Easy control of inventory availability
Offers icon
Unlimited configurations of special offers
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Product self-management for suppliers
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Multi-currency support
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Accessible reporting
tomas susi
Toomas Susi,
Head of IT Development Department

“GP’s specialist always had a clear understanding of what our business needs are. Thus, we strongly recommend GP Solutions as a credible technology vendor and a reliable business partner.”

Our Inventory Management Solutions

We offer two major options to build your travel inventory management system around. In both cases, our tech consulting team will make sure to tailor the functionality to your specific requirements and assist with user trainings to cut your onboarding efforts.

  • Adaptation to your business model
  • Short learning curve for your employees

Inventory Module

Part of our proprietary GP Travel Enterprise Platform, this highly flexible module enables full-scale inventory management in multiple languages and currencies. To function seamlessly in your infrastructure, the module can be integrated with your internal systems such as for billing and accounting.

Travel Inventory by GP

Custom add-ons

We can create and integrate your custom inventory management tools as add-ons to your key platform or extend the functional scope of our GP Inventory module with your required features.

Custom add-ons

Ready to automate your inventory management?

Simplifying Inventory Management for Everyone Involved

With our solutions, we create a central inventory hub that brings you, your partners, suppliers and customers within one interconnected ecosystem. This will allow you to manage all the sales channels via a single point, with no data lost or overlooked.

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Travel Distributors

Online travel agencies, tour operators, destination management companies

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Direct Suppliers

Airlines, hotels, cruise lines, car hire and transfer companies, wellness centers, etc

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Consolidators, online booking systems, global distribution systems, central reservation systems

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Individual, group and business travellers

Supported Inventory Types

We designed our solutions to cover all the major inventory types on the market. With these options, you can both sell your self-operated inventory or resell products from your direct suppliers.

  • Hotels
  • Tours
  • Apartments
  • Cruises
  • Charter flights
  • Excursions
  • Villas
  • Insurance
  • Car hire
  • Visa support
  • Transfers & transportation
  • Events & activities
Travel Inventory Management

All-round Inventory Management and More

We automate every essential travel inventory management function and add extras to tick all the boxes in your company’s business workflows.

Product and supplier management

Product and supplier management

  • Create your products and set up allotments all in one place
  • List suppliers and add new ones as necessary
  • Configure supplier contracts and come back to revise the terms any time

Inventory search and booking

Inventory search and booking

  • Browse your centralized inventory database
  • Search the inventory using the built-in meta-search engine with advanced filtering options
  • Book inventory, including directly from your contracted suppliers
  • Confirm orders on booking requests
  • Come back to revise reservations

Real-time availability control

Real-time availability control

  • Manage allotments for rooms, timetables, seats and more inventory types
  • Gain complete visibility into the status of your inventory
  • Keep track of the availability in real-time

Shared access for your suppliers

Shared access for your suppliers

  • Provide your direct suppliers with their dedicated extranet to manage their products
  • Minimize your workload and speed up content updates to keep product offerings relevant at all times
  • Turn this feature into your value proposition to expand your supplier network

YieldPlanet Channel Manager integration

YieldPlanet Channel Manager integration

  • Extend your sales channels through distribution via partner platforms
  • Export your allotments and prices to hundreds of distributors
  • Keep your reservations in sync across all the channels
  • Tap into analytics to understand the performance and revenue of each connected channel

Price management

Price management

  • Differentiate rates by tourist categories, services, accommodation types, markets, seasons, and more
  • Track invoices, payments and get reports on financial and performance data
  • Set up dynamic pricing based on business rules of any complexity
  • Manage discounts, tariffs and cancellation conditions
  • Maximize your flexibility of setting and managing your prices
  • Leverage your customer loyalty with custom pricing
  • Easily switch between currencies, with manual input of exchange rates and integration with financial services providers

Product descriptions

Product descriptions

  • Add short and detailed product descriptions, including comprehensive information on core and extra services, as well as cancellation policies
  • Enrich itineraries and products descriptions with high-resolution images
  • Easily update product information in real-time
  • Choose your language from multiple options

Extra tools

Extra tools

  • Calculate quotes quickly with up-to-date prices, commissions and markups
  • Set up email notifications so that your staff and suppliers miss nothing
  • Create detailed reports to gain visibility into your sales and performance

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