Travel Inventory Management

When everything’s automated, your sales are only a click away

Inventory management is by far one of the most labour-intensive aspects of travel business operations. Time-consuming and fragmented across multiple suppliers and travel services, it is less efficient and transparent when done manually.


GP Solutions understands how important effective inventory management is for travel business. We introduced a range of tech solutions designed to simplify and streamline inventory management business processes for different types of businesses on the travel market.

With our specialized inventory management software you can:

  • Manage your own and contracted inventory from a unified system

  • Bring your offline suppliers online by easily adding their offers

  • Manage availability of your travel products

  • Cut your manual paperwork and boost productivity

  • Avoid under- and overbooking

  • Extend your sales channels globally

  • Minimize time-to-market for your product offering

Key Upgrades Travel Inventory Automation Brings to Your Business

Centralized storage of travel products
Real-time content management
Support of diverse pricing models and special offers
Automated availability management
Logging and tracking of updates
Product self-management (‘Extranet’) for suppliers
Flexible data import/export via API
Multilingual and multi-currency support
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Toomas Susi,
Head of IT Development Department

“GP’s specialist always had a clear understanding of what our business needs are. Thus, we strongly recommend GP Solutions as a credible technology vendor and a reliable business partner.”

Multiple Travel Products Supported

We designed our solutions to cover diverse travel products available on the market. Our software helps to sell your self-operated inventory or distribute products from direct suppliers much more effectively.

Charter Flights




Car Hire

Transfers & Transportation




Events & Activities

Visa Support


Simplifying Inventory Management for Everyone Involved

We create a centralized inventory hub that unites you, your partners, suppliers and customers within a common interconnected ecosystem. The result is a single point of control for all data and sales activities, with nothing lost or overlooked in the process.

  • Travel Distributors

    Online travel agencies, tour operators, destination management companies

  • Direct Suppliers

    Airlines, individual hotels, hotel chains, cruise lines, car rental and transfer companies, wellness centers, etc.

  • Partners

    Consolidators, online booking systems, global distribution systems (GDSs), central reservation systems

  • Customers

    Individual, group and business travelers

Travel Inventory Development Options

We offer two major ways to build your travel inventory management system. In both cases, our tech team makes sure the functionality is tailored to your specific requirements. We also provide initial on-boarding and training for your employees along with full-cycle technical assistance and support.

Turnkey Inventory Module

A turnkey Inventory Module is available as part of our proprietary GP Travel Enterprise Platform. It offers full-scale inventory management in multiple languages and currencies. It can be integrated with your internal billing and accounting software in order to function seamlessly within the existing infrastructure used by your team.

Custom Development

Our development team can design and develop a bespoke inventory solution that is in full compliance with your requirements – either as a standalone system or as an add-on to your existing software. Alternatively, we offer the option to extend GP Travel Enterprise platform to add the inventory features you may require.

Ready to automate your Inventory Management efforts?

Our Inventory Automation Expertise In Detail

Our team can automate every essential function related to travel inventory management and add extras to tick all the boxes in your company’s business workflows.

Product and supplier management

  • Travel product creation and allotment set-up
  • Complex content management (including text and graphic content items)
  • Supplier contract configuration

Product descriptions

  • Creation of detailed product descriptions, including detailed information on core / extra services and cancellation policies
  • Making of graphic content galleries for portraying travel products online to the end customer
  • Generation of fully-customized travel itineraries
  • Real-time product updates
  • Multi-lingual support

Price management

  • Comprehensive rate management by tourist categories, tourist categories, services, accommodation types, discounts, tariffs and more
  • Auto-generation of invoices and other accounting documents
  • Dynamic pricing based on business rules of any complexity
  • Maximize your flexibility of setting and managing your prices
  • Integration of payment gateways
  • Multi-currency support

Promotional instruments

  • Discount settings
  • Creation of special offers
  • Priority display settings for directly contracted offers
  • Low/high season tariff and price-list settings

Inventory search and booking

  • Centralized data storage
  • Built-in meta-search engine with advanced filtering options
  • Direct supplier management
  • Instant booking confirmation
  • Revision and editing of reservations
  • Auto-generation of vouchers, price-lists, product lists and other relevant travel documents

Real-time availability control

  • Management of allotments for rooms, timetables, seats and other inventory types
  • Inventory status tracking
  • Real-time availability monitoring
  • Scheduling tools to track availability of travel products over defined spans of time

Shared access for your suppliers

  • Extranet for 3rd-party suppliers
  • User role management for supplier employees
  • Enhanced and convenient content management
  • Flexibility and access for integrations with partners and suppliers
  • Means to track and confirm incoming bookings

Channel Manager integration

  • Distribution via partner platforms
  • Export of allotments and prices to hundreds of online distributors (OTAs, hotel booking portals, consolidators, etc.)
  • Complete synchronization of reservations across all sales channels
  • Business intelligence reports

Other tools

  • Robust role management functionality with flexible permission settings
  • All-round calculation of quotes quickly with up-to-date prices, commissions and markups
  • Smart email notification for staff and suppliers
  • Sales performance analytics
  • Detailed logging and revision control instruments

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