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GP Travel Enterprise
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What is GP Travel Enterprise?

GP Travel Enterprise is an innovative and powerful end-to-end solution for Tour Operators, DMCs, TMCs, Wholesalers, and OTAs that helps hundreds of travel companies across the globe to run and grow their business.

What do I need to get started?

You need to contact our sales consultants, who will:

  • discuss with you your business model, challenges you’re facing and goals you’re trying to achieve via technology;
  • hold an online platform demo to showcase the wide range of modules and features it offers;
  • define the right set of platform modules relevant to your specific business case;
  • compose an individual commercial proposal with detailed information on platform setup, implementation and license fees, as well as delivery and payment schedule.

Once the proposal is approved and the respective agreement is signed off, we’ll start the platform implementation and delivery process in accordance with agreed milestones and timelines.

What is a typical implementation roadmap?

For each client we assign a Customer Success Manager who leads a project that goes through a set of sequential phases:

Analysis phase – concentrates on high-level project definition and scope. At this stage, different alternatives can be considered and GAP Analysis is performed to define specific requirements and ways to meet them.

Implementation phase – includes initial system setup and configuration, additional development (e.g. development of custom functionality to cover the gap revealed through the analysis phase; new supplier integrations; any other system adjustments and fine-tuning needed to reflect client’s business specifics), acceptance with client.

Training phase – to achieve a better understanding and adoption of the software, we usually hold client’s personnel trainings led by our Customer Success Manager.

Launch Phase – launch of the full solution into operation (LIVE mode).

Post-Launch Phase – support and maintenance of the solution, as well as continuous upgrades with new releases and/or upon client’s request.

Note: For small-scale projects, some phases can be skipped or merged. For complex and large-scale projects, each phase can be considered as a separate sub-project.

Can I do the Analysis phase by myself?

You can most definitely do part of the analysis work yourself – outlining detailed business requirements and project vision. This information will help our specialists to complete Gap Analysis and determine the technical implementation roadmap. We are more than happy if you decide to leave the full scope of analysis work to us – the professionals. We’ll be sure to discuss every detail with you and await your approval.

Can I connect to 3-rd party travel suppliers using your platform?

Yes, we currently have connections to over 80 suppliers of various types of travel products – accommodation (bed banks; channel managers), flights (GDSs; consolidators; NDC), activities, excursions, car hire, transfers etc.

Would you be able to help me with selecting suppliers to work with?

Yes, we would be happy to recommend suppliers for each product type and assist in contacting them.

Can I buy travel products directly from you?

We’re an independent travel technology vendor and don’t act as a reseller of travel products. Every client needs to sign a direct agreement with each supplier they would like to work with to agree on individual commercials (mark-ups, commissions, etc.). We cannot influence and never interfere with the negotiation process between you and suppliers. At the same time, we would be happy to assist in your communication with them.

Can I manage my own products and directly-contracted products?

Yes, GP Travel Enterprise has a very sophisticated Inventory module, which allows you to manage your own travel products and products you buy directly from a certain supplier (e.g. local hotels or local transfer providers). Additionally, you can provide extranet access to these suppliers for them to manage prices, availability and descriptions within the platform without involving your staff.

Can you connect your platform to other software I use to run my business?

GP Travel Enterprise has a well-structured API via which we can connect to any external software you may be using e.g. accounting system, CRM. Information will be seamlessly exchanged between the systems to make sure manual work is minimised and business runs smoothly.

Do you provide a ready-made B2C website with the platform?

Yes, we provide a modern B2C template website, which can be customized according to your corporate branding, color and content preferences. We can also provide deeper customizations based on our template website if that would be your preference.

Can I have a fully-customised website?

Yes, our platform API allows you to build a unique and fully-customized web-site (both for your partners/agents and end-consumers) from scratch. There are several options to do that:

  1. You can design and develop the website with the help of your own designers and software engineers.
  2. Alternatively, you can design the website on your own and our specialists can develop it according to your mock-ups and final pixel-perfect web design.
  3. We would be happy to do the full scope of work for you – our in-house web-designers and developers have vast experience in building custom travel websites for hundreds of clients across the globe.

Do you provide mobile interface?

Yes, we do provide mobile-optimized adaptable B2C templates, that fit well and seamlessly with any mobile browser. We also provide off-the-shelf Android and iOS applications.

What languages does the platform operate in?

Our platform is designed for international usage with multilingual and multi-currency support. Based on your special requirements, we can configure the languages and currencies required by your business.

Once we sign a contract, how long does it take to launch the system?

Launch of the system “As Is”, which includes system/servers setup and configuration, initial consulting and training of client’s staff, normally takes up to 20 days. In case a client would prefer to customize the system to fit specific business needs, then the timeline will depend on the level of customization.

Do you update the system and are these updates free?

Yes, we are constantly enhancing our system and adapting it to new trends within the travel industry. New releases come out on average every 3 months. License fees include regular system updates and releases, so you don’t have to pay additionally for that.

What about pricing?

In contrast to multiple companies that set their pricing methods based on server size and the number of users, GP Solutions adheres to the concept of an individual approach to each customer. We take into consideration the company’s budget and size, its target market, and the type of solutions it offers to customers. These factors provide a clear picture of an expected yearly cost without worries about adding several platform users. Any additional features and changes are discussed individually and pricing adjusted accordingly. To learn about pricing in detail, don’t hesitate to contact us.

What is GP Travel Hub?

GP Travel Hub is a time-tested unified travel APIs aggregator, which helps you connect to external suppliers of various travel products (GDS, consolidators, bed banks, aggregators etc.). Its solid interface helps you interact with multiple travel APIs in real-time, directly receive current offers and prices, manage, keep, and synchronize the data.

How many suppliers do you aggregate at the moment?

We aggregate more than 80 suppliers, though the list is not static – we are adding new suppliers on a continuous basis upon request of our clients and in accordance with our internal roadmap. Please note that some of the existing integrations may require additional updates and further configuration depending on your specific requirements. Get the latest and most reliable information from our specialists here.

What if the supplier I am interested in, is not on the list?

It is very common for us to integrate new suppliers upon request of our clients. Depending on the cooperation model with a particular client, the approach to pricing of a new integration will be defined on an individual basis. If you’re interested in adding a new supplier, drop us a line, and our Product Team will come back to you with an effective solution and proposal.

Do you provide agreements with suppliers?

GP Solutions is an independent travel technology vendor, delivering purely technical connectivity, and providing freedom in direct client relationships with suppliers. In order to activate any connector, you must first conclude a direct commercial agreement with each selected supplier.

What types of suppliers do you support?

GP Travel Hub supports diverse types of suppliers such as GDS, Flight Consolidators, Bed Banks, Channel Managers, OTAs, Ground Transportation Providers, Aggregators of various travel products. GP Travel Hub also supports NDC schema. Please follow the link for more information on the suppliers we support.

Do you have look-to-book limitations?

We don’t have any restrictions on our system. However, it’s worth mentioning that most of the suppliers don’t like plenty of blank requests and from their side, and may set specific look-to-book limitations from their side. When signing a commercial agreement with suppliers, please make sure you negotiate these conditions directly with them.

What types of searches does GP Travel Hub support?

We support searches by:

  • supplier locations,
  • master base locations,
  • coordinates,
  • location codes,
  • multiple products requested.

Since GP Travel Hub was designed to meet the requirements of the most demanding clients and to accommodate the specifics of each travel business, we can tailor it to your unique business needs. Contact us if you want to discover more.

What type of API do you provide?

Our API is based on Open Travel Alliance Schema and has been composed in accordance with the best industry practices. The API documentation is available upon your request. Leave your request and we will be in touch with you shortly.

Does GP Travel Hub support hotel mappings?

GP Travel Hub supports different approaches to deduplication and grouping of hotels received from various sources. It is delivered with in-built hotel mapping automatic algorithms, which are usually sufficient for many business models (e.g., mainly B2B focused travel businesses). For the most demanding clients, we suggest using the service of specialized hotel mapping providers. In particular, GP Travel Hub is integrated with GIATA multi-codes solution and it can also be integrated with any other mapping service upon your request. Let’s discuss your requirements in detail to find the right solution to your case.

Is GP Travel Hub a cloud solution?

GP Travel Hub can be hosted either on our servers (we cooperate with reputable world-renowned hosting providers only) or on the client’s servers. If hosting is provided by our company, additional hosting fees apply.

Can I see a demo?

Sure, please get in touch with our consultants to agree on the right date and time. Please, note, since GP Travel Hub is a purely technical back-end solution, its demonstration assumes that a client has some technical background.

What about pricing?

GP Solutions adheres to the concept of an individual approach to each customer. We take into consideration the company’s budget and size, its target market, and the type of solutions it offers to customers. Please contact us, and our consultants will select a favorable offer for you.

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