Dedicated Travel Software Development Team

We allocate efficient teams of travel technology experts tailored to your travel business

Travel companies working on large-scale IT projects often face the same obstacles that are hard to overcome alone. Any of these gaps can be filled in efficiently by a remote dedicated development team allocated from GP Solutions.
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Teams allocated to date
Years of longest dedicated engagement (ongoing project)
Technologies in our stack

Dedicated development team model is best suited for:

Companies that need to expand expertise

Get specialists of any expertise and seniority in a short period of time for your big project.
Dedicated Development Teams 1

Those who need managed offshore IT specialists

Be in charge and control the development process, while avoiding administration.
Dedicated Development Teams 2

Businesses with tight deadlines

Fit in a tight schedule by swiftly boosting your capacity with remote experts.
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Startups that need to scale fast

Spend no time on local hires by leveraging an offshore dedicated software development team of any size.
Dedicated Development Teams

Our teams power the widest spectrum of travel businesses:



Dennis Behnsen, Vice President

“I can highly recommend the services of GP Solutions. During the past 1.5 years, our company has been working with GP Solutions on a new project of ours. The company offers high quality services. We can say that we have always been satisfied by their work ”

Сost-effective Option to Scale Your Development

Hiring and maintaining an in-house travel technology team can be quite complicated, expensive and labour intensive. It takes away a lot of valuable time from decision makers that could be spent on business development.
In this sense allocation of a remote dedicated travel software development team from GP Solutions provides a lot of benefits compared to in-house staffing.

Extensive Travel Domain

  • Easy to understand requirements
  • Knowledge to make technical decisions
  • History of success in travel projects

Free Setup & Operations

  • Staffing and workplace integration
  • Infrastructure and process setup
  • Administration and HR management

Cost-Effective & Flexible

  • Specific talents at lower cost
  • Easy to add or replace specialists
  • No extras or payments for idle time

Team Becomes Your

  • Adoption of your internal processes
  • 100% dedicated to your project
  • Daily communication and transparency

Our Allocation Process

Once the Client decides to onboard a dedicated team developers from GP Solutions, we launch our allocation procedure typically going through the following standardized steps
Requirements analysis
Basic expectations are discussed:
- Required team size
- Expected technology stack and expertise levels of successful candidates
- Price expectations from both sides
Provision of CVs
HR department provides up-to-date candidate CVs for review with full details on:
- Technical experience
- Soft skills
- Previously completed projects
The selected by the Client are interviewed by its team members (usually online) for proper evaluation of experience and skill level.
Approval and Confirmation
The Client approves the right candidates. The Parties confirm all relevant arrangements, including engagement format (part-time / fulltime), commercials and other conditions.
All the agreed legal and commercial conditions are formalized in a mutual agreement between the Parties, including starting dates of engagement and its duration.
The candidates approved by the Client are introduced to the project and project team, study current status, documentation, problems to be solved, etc.
Discover the Benefits of Remote
Dedicated Development Today!

We Build Complete Development Teams

GP Solutions is a one-stop-shop option to line up your ideal remote development team services. We can cover practically any of the commonly recognized IT specializations:
Front-End Developer

Front-End Developer

Back-End Developer

Back-End Developer

Database Engineer

Database Engineer

Mobile Developer

Mobile Developer

Q&A Engineer

Q&A Engineer

DevOps Engineer

DevOps Engineer

UX Specialist

UI/UX Specialist

Project Manager

Project Manager

Business Analyst

Business Analyst

System Architect

System Architect

System Administrator

System Administrator

Support Specialist

Support Specialist

Your Reliable Dedicated Development Partner

We serve companies

Our established development centers located in Eastern Europe provide a great combination of top-tier technical talent and reasonable rates.

We are travel domain

We understand your business requirements like no one else due to professional technology expertise in custom software that has been tested on hundreds of completed projects.
Our dedicated teams:
Booking engines, Inventory management systems, Travel portals, Travel CRM solutions, Meta-search engines, Booking Applications and many more.
Bedbanks, GDSs, Flight aggregators, OTAs, channel managers, CRSs, mapping service providers, etc.

We are flexible and agile:

Immediate Access to Expert Developers

We have instant access to qualified resources with necessary technical and domain knowledge;

Access to All Major Technologies

We are able to create a team with a custom composition of specific skills and experience

Transparent Team Rotation and Extension

We have resources available for team rotation and rapid team extension. Even if started with just one developer, the team can promptly be expanded

Better Staff Management

We provide both part-time and full time allocations depending on your requirements.

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