B2С Booking Engine

Sell travel products both online and in-office
directly to your end customers

B2C Booking Engine

B2C subsystem opens the way to sell travel products both online and in-office directly to your end customers. Our B2C Module covers every essential feature expected from B2C reservation software. With booking forms embedded right in the website, or with the help of your travel management software, your audience can receive the best offers from hand-picked suppliers, book with instant confirmation, manage orders and obtain complete details on available travel products and destinations.

GP Travel Interprase interface

There are two ways of using B2C Module to sell your travel product to customers:

Online Booking Websites

User-friendly B2C travel portals with easy access, search & book accommodations, tickets, transfers and other services from any device and browser. This option is ideal for non-stop online sales.

booking products

Direct Sales Onsite

Use the help of travel agents to process bookings onsite from a stationary office. For this purpose the hotel & flight booking engine provides clear and structured booking flow interfaces.

sales on desktop

Our B2С Module is Ideal for

Unique Interfaces, Made Simple

The B2C module supports 3 levels of customization. Choose which option works best for you:

Basic Template

The right option if you are satisfied with a basic B2C template and need just a slight update by putting your brand’s logo, color schemes and text.

GPTE Template

Advanced Customization

Take this route if you’d like to deeply revamp the default template of your online travel booking portal by adding new features and design.

Customization Website Case

Fully Custom Website

The people looking for a completely custom design can opt for unique booking portal designs connected to the B2C using the API interface.

Weasy Case
Dennis Behnsen
Dennis Behnsen, Vice President
Education First

“I can highly recommend the services of GP Solutions. During the past 1.5 years, our company has been working with GP Solutions on a new project of ours. The company offers high quality services. We can say that we have always been satisfied by their work ”

Supports Different Types of Products & Services

Key Functionality Behind B2C Module

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Built-in CMS

From basic to advanced, all your content management needs are covered in the embedded CMS that requires no extra efforts or tech skills to handle it.

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Mobile-Friendly UI

Our B2C websites offer responsive, mobile-friendly interfaces out of the box. Now you can reach mobile audiences and help them book across any devices.

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Easy Customization

Built on a template, your B2C portal can be customized anytime without coding. To do it, your admins can easily change logos, colors, and more right from their dashboard.

Multiple Languages icon

Multiple Languages & Currencies

White label travel technology helps you serve international audiences. For this, add as many languages and currencies as required to let your users switch between them easily.

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You as well as your agents can diversify and build multiple booking websites for different audiences with targeted content and design — all on top of single platform.

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Want to Know More?

What You Get with B2C Module

White label travel portal development can become the centerpiece of your online customer acquisition. See what it can bring to your travel business:

User Experience that Converts

With our customizable templates, rich booking features and responsive mobile interfaces, you can create industry-class digital experiences for modern travelers and engage them in a completely new way.

Hotel booking portal by GP Solutions

Targeted Content for Each Customer Segment

With the multitude of portals run on your single B2C travel booking engine, you can approach each of your customer segments separately with highly tailored content and offers. This will bring in more sales efficiency and boost your total conversion rates.

content & analytics

Quick and Easy Self-Booking and Payment

B2C Websales module allows you to conveniently carry out the entire order process cycle, so the customer can select the appropriate product, receive detailed information, make a reservation and online payment immediately. You can integrate your platform with 22+ online payment systems with real-time digital payment processing and strict user data protection.

booking & payment

More Websites, More Sales

With our module, you can let your agents create an unlimited number of B2C portals to distribute your travel products. Distinguished by design, content and audience, these websites can greatly expand your digital presence and reach.

multiple websites

Private Account for Travelers

B2C module provides a user area for travelers allowing them to manage private data and handle the most prominent activities related to the booking process: view booking history, track booking status, generate vouchers, invoices, process payments and more…

Private Account for Travelers

Minimal Time-to-Market

B2C is a self-sufficient solution helping you cut both development costs and effort with its ready-made templates and components. Thanks to this, you can launch your own B2C booking engine in almost no time.

time and analytics

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