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We reinforce omni-channel booking experience
with full-scale automation of your business processes

Specialized software for travel agencies is one of the key areas of expertise at GP Solutions. Our travel technology experience and in-depth knowledge in this area makes us well-positioned to help you jumpstart or upgrade your business with solutions created specifically for the purpose.

Our travel agency management software offering includes:

  • A selection of ready-made web- and mobile-based website templates

  • Full-cycle reservation management automation

  • Data consistency across all channels

  • Direct access to 80+ travel product aggregators and GDSs

  • Multi-language and multi-currency support

  • On-demand custom travel software development

We bring OTA services to a new level by allowing you to:

Travel Product Offering

Expand Your
Sales Channels

Effectively Manage
Customer Relationships

Generate Detailed
Reports & Analytics

Offer Diverse Travel Products to Your Customers

Flight tickets




Car Rentals


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Advanced Online Booking Experience

Here at GP Solutions we know how demanding your customers can be looking for unmatched omni-channel booking experience. With this in mind, our team puts all efforts to deliver advanced software with sleek user-friendly interfaces and powerful user account management functionality to address the high expectations of your audience. Here’s how we do it:

Online Booking Portals

We build B2C travel portals with attention to travelers’ journeys - from the initial entry to booking form completion.
We offer unlimited portal development options, so that you could make full use of our ready-made templates, booking widgets or custom design solutions.

  • Intuitive search & book flows
  • Functional checkout process
  • Easy-to-use user account area
  • Customizable look & feel
  • Cross-sell and upsale modules
  • Advanced personalization features
  • Multi-supplier bookings in a single order
  • Detailed reporting

Travel API Integration

We’ve helped numerous travel businesses expand their offering using our proprietary GP Travel Hub solution. It represents an API gateway to 80+ suppliers offering diverse travel products - from hotel rooms and apartments to car rental offers. Additionally, we can deliver fully custom API connections to the suppliers of your choice.

  • Cut down your time-to-market
  • Get access to world-famous suppliers
  • Increase your margin on best offers
  • Expand product offering for your customers

Inventory & Dynamic Pricing

With our OTA booking software, you can easily manage your inventory, including your self-operated travel products and the offering from 3rd-party suppliers.

Our software also provides dynamic pricing management for the entire range of travel products - from flights to ancillary services. With our automated tools you’ll be able to configure flexible pricing for every product type and multi-product travel packages.

  • Control availability in real time
  • Design special offers and discounts
  • Set dynamic prices for packages
  • Enjoy multi-currency experience

Responsive Interfaces & Custom Mobile Applications

To support your business strategy, our travel agency platform will come with a responsive mobile interface by default. Additionally, we can pair it up with mobile apps developed on request to give you next-level sales generation options and instruments.

GP Travel Enterprise

Marketing and Sales Management Tools

Whether you opt for a combination of our out-of-the-box modules or choose custom-built solutions, we’ll provide you with sales and marketing tools to boost your business:

  • Customer loyalty

    Set up your original loyalty schemes and track their performance across channels to foster repeated bookings.

  • Affiliate programs

    Expand your outreach to partner websites and manage your affiliate network effortlessly to increase your revenue streams.

  • CRM systems

    Choose our CRM module or integrate your own tool with our travel reservation system for 360-degree customer management.

  • Email marketing

    Speed up and simplify this task with bulk emails to the client base, email templates and personalization based on relevant client details stored in the system.

In-Depth Automation of Your Back-Office Workflows

Our travel agency management software is designed to take care of every business-critical workflow that happens in the back-office.

  • Payments & invoices

    We offer a range of configurable payment methods up for integration, as well as end-to-end automation of quoting and invoicing.

  • Finance management

    We enable API integration of accounting tools, all tightly interconnected with the core travel agency booking system.

  • Reporting & analytics

    More than just nice-to-haves, these reporting and analytics tools cover essentially every metric an OTA needs to make informed decisions and plans.

  • Single-point-of-truth data access

    Across customer touchpoints and internal systems, we ensure data synchronization and partner access for fail-proof collaboration.

Choose Your Delivery Option
for Online Travel Agency Booking Software

Pick your options out of our extensive portfolio of both products and services to create your power mix of travel agents software and back-office tools.


Our renowned enterprise-grade travel management platform serves up over 150 configurable modules. We are ready to guide your choice and fine-tune any of them to create your all-round travel reservation system.

  • Complete functionality for OTA management automation

  • B2C and B2B sales support

  • Out-of-the-box frontends with app designers and booking widgets

  • Back-office gateways for integration with third-party tools and internal systems


Our team will be happy to bring your ideas to life, whether you’re a travel tech startup or a seasoned global travel agency. Our flexible offering works well for innovative OTAs looking to build their services around unconventional business models.

GP Travel Hub + Custom Development

We offer custom development around our GP Travel Hub gateway. Here, you have instant access to suppliers of your choice, all wrapped up in custom client-side and back-office functionality.

Custom Development only

Recognizing your unique needs, we tailor our services to your precise requirements. Feel free to request your original solution of any functional scope, and we’ll be happy to help.

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