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We automate the entire search and booking flow so that you can focus on real customer care

You can’t overestimate the importance of an online booking form on your travel portal. Once set up, it’s bound to expand your revenue streams, opening your travel services to new customers.

GP Solutions offers you more than just a booking platform — there is a complete line-up of automated search-and-book features, from travel product listings to invoice management and analytics.

  • Diversify your sales channels

  • Grow your online audiences with 24/7

  • Configure your pricing dynamically

  • Enhance your cooperation with partners

  • Calculate your markups and agent commissions automatically

  • Manage all data on bookings and customers centrally

We Bring Online Booking Within Your Reach

We make our online booking engines flexible and targeted to address each travel provider’s exact challenges. Fill your gaps with our solutions according to your company profile:

Tour Operators

Book directly from wholesalers and sell your own packages to both your partners and end customers.

Use our travel agency booking engine as the backbone of your business, complete with managing your affiliate partners’ sales.

Online Travel

Travel Management

Get access to hundreds of corporate travel products in one go, and invite your clients to self-book freely through your own tools.

Offer your self-operated inventory up for online booking and automate your sales across all B2B channels.


Cruise Lines

Extend your outreach to digital-savvy travelers and help them book cruises and ancillary services from any device.

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Why Go for Online Booking Engine by GP Solutions

We’ve rolled out a range of online booking solutions based on both our GP Travel Enterprise platform and custom tools made to fit your particular business. To keep them relevant for contemporary travel service providers, we equip our solutions with the following features:

  • B2C & B2B sales supported

  • Cross-platform compatibility

  • An API to 80+ suppliers

  • 18+ built-in payment gateways

  • Private cabinet for partners

  • Multiple currency and language options

Your Product Listings & Search

We make it easy for you to list and manage properties and services, both self-operated or contracted. The core of our online booking facilities, such as inventory management solutions come in two shapes, each appealing with its own benefits:

Sell Self-operated

  • Put your products online, including those from offline suppliers

  • Manage inventory by types, from hotels to charters and events

  • Update availability in real time

  • Configure dynamic pricing policies

Integrate with Leading
Suppliers via APIs

  • Tap into thousands of competitive travel products from 90+ suppliers

  • Keep your listed products updated at
    all times

  • Add new suppliers wherever you want

  • Keep your time-to-market at minimum

Billing & Invoices

We build shopping carts into our Internet booking engine tools, integrate them with multiple payment gateways, and connect to your accounting systems. All so that you can manage the financial part of your customers’ bookings easily.

  • Accept payments securely

  • Automate billing processes

  • Issue and manage invoices

  • Track financial metrics

CRM Integration

There is a customer behind every booking. To help you keep track of every customer relationship and personalize your service, we integrate our online booking engine with CRM systems.

GP Travel Enterprise:
CRM Module

Part of our flagship travel automation platform, the Extended CRM module goes together with booking engine integration.

This way, you can keep tabs on customer interactions thanks to detailed and actionable customer profiles.


If you’re up for using a third-party CRM system, we will seamlessly connect it with our booking engine software via an API.

We’ll make sure the systems share all the data effectively with no duplicates and errors.

Booking Portals and Mobile Apps

Booking modules are essential but still need a customer-facing UI to generate sales. For this, we offer building full-fledged online booking portals and mobile apps with our travel booking engine integrated.

Build from templates

Our specialized B2C and B2B app builders will help you set up intuitive and responsive front-ends based on customizable templates

Go custom

Our multi-skilled team will build a fully custom interface from the ground up, so that your online booking service could truly stand out.

Booking widgets

If you’re already running a website or an app that still lacks booking features, we can easily integrate our pre-designed booking widgets. This way you can expand your travel services to online and mobile audiences in a matter of days.

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