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Customer relationship management is the foundation of any sustainable travel business. To provide you with reliable and fully functional CRM tools, GP Solutions have built the Extended CRM module for our proprietary GP Travel Enterprise platform along with enabling integration services for your CRM system in use:

Extended CRM Module

Add our original CRM module to your GP Travel Enterprise solution.

CRM API Integration

Connect any CRM tool of your choice to your GP Travel Enterprise modules.

Discover the wealth of opportunities to digitize your travel operations with GP Travel Enterprise

Connect with Your Customers and Partners Alike

We equally recognize the importance of both your customers and partners, that is why we bring you the CRM solutions that can connect you to all the members of your professional network, from your online and branch visitors to partnering tour operators and agencies:

B2C Customers

Corporate Clients



Your Travel CRM Capabilities In a Snapshot

We help all types of businesses in the travel industry to take their service further with automated full-cycle relationship management. Whether you need a specialized travel agency CRM or the one for destination management companies, or for tour operators specifically, we’ll be able to accommodate your needs flexibly.

In all cases, get prepped up for the following benefits to come in your package:

  • Perfect integration with the GP Solutions online booking engine

  • Complete outlook on your customer and partner relatioonship bases

  • Outgoing communication processes all managed in a single system

  • Opportunity to personalize your service having all the information at hand

  • Bringing together your marketing, sales and customer support teams

  • Maximizing your sales opportunities by nurturing prospects and leads

  • Analytics to get a deeper understanding of performance and opportunities

  • A single point of truth on all customer and partner data with no duplication across the platform modules

Our CRM for Travel, In Detail

Take a look at the complete functionality enabled by our travel CRM solutions, together with some extra services from GP Solution’s team for you to get the most out of our specialized competencies:

Extended CRM Module for GP Travel Enterprise

Our core platform can be deployed with the CRM module all in one package, so that you can benefit from the seamless interoperability and shared data between all the business-critical digital tools that comprise GP Travel Enterprise.

  • Web-based
  • Seamless integration with GP Travel Enterprise
  • Customized to your business workflows.

Tap into 3 layers of the CRM module capabilities


To manage every aspect of your relationships with customers and partners, from profiles to communication.


To bring your marketing, sales, and customer support staff together to effectively collaborate on leads, opportunities, and customers.


To get a clear picture of where you stand with your sales processes and increase the volume of identified opportunities.

Customer Profiling and Classification

By far the core function of your travel CRM, it enables you to keep complete records on every account, be it your customer or partner, and refer to them as a single point of reference for your marketing and sales activities.

  • Set low, normal and high priorities for accounts
  • Define customer statuses such as VIP and high-value
  • Specify details on customers’ industry and company size
  • Differentiate between potential and actual customers

Customer and Partner Communication

Our Extended CRM plug-in can help you get your hands on all communication aspects that come with marketing, sales and account management. From the first request or email to post-purchase reengagement, each of the inbound and outbound messages will be tracked and stored together in customer or partner profiles.

  • Keep record of your outgoing calls and meetings
  • Plan and send personalized emails directly from the CRM
  • Get reminders on upcoming events right on your CRM home page
  • See all the communication history by client, opportunity or reservation

Sales Funnel Visibility

We enable you to track your customers’ journeys based on their position in your sales funnel so that you can plan your sales strategy and foster customer conversion accordingly.

  • Track customer lifecycles by profiles and see where they are in the sales funnel
  • Identify, monitor and act on your sales opportunities with potential customers

Integration with Online Booking, Requests and Chats

Unique to GP Travel Enterprise 7.0 and higher, this function allows getting every reservation request coming from your online booking engine and website chat in your CRM.

  • Get an online booking engine and CRM all in one system
  • Never miss a request and put it into a processing queue immediately
  • Manage reservations from your customers’ accounts
  • Improve your multi-channel sales visibility

Get more details on how our online Booking Engine Software can assist you with both B2B and B2C sales.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Integral to your marketing strategy, email campaigns get easier to manage and analyze with our CRM for travel industry. With it, you won’t need to rely on any third-party tools but kick off email marketing while staying in the same system.

  • Plan and schedule your marketing
  • Send out bulk emails from the CRM
  • Personalize your marketing messages based on your CRM data
  • Monitor your marketing campaign performance

Lead Nurturing

Now that our CRM for travel agency and tour operator companies puts you in control over your customers’ personal data, their journey along your sales funnel, and communication tracks, you can devise advanced lead nurturing strategies and never overlook a sales opportunity again.

  • Get access to all potential customers’ details to tailor your communication
  • Schedule lead nurturing activities
  • Plan and execute your personalized communication strategies
  • Maximize your conversion potential


With the wealth of data on your customers and partners come data analytics, which is aptly built into our travel CRM software and which can be extended further with our advanced analytical module. You won’t need to switch between systems to get insights on your number of prospects, leads, opportunities and customers, sales performance by your sales staff and distributors, volume of sales, and more metrics.

  • Get visualized data on your customers, sales performance, volume and more
  • Expand your analytical capabilities with an extra module to get more detailed reports on customers, suppliers, services and destinations

CRM API Integration

The second option that comes in our travel CRM offering is the CRM API integration, which allows plugging any external CRM tool into GP Travel Enterprise, providing your chosen CRM supports integration protocols.


We make sure no data is duplicated between GP Travel Enterprise modules containing customer and supplier data and your CRM thanks to two-way integration that makes all the data shared between the apps.

Integration by

We will take up all the integration-related tasks and verify that the apps communicate seamlessly before handing your CRM over to you.


On top of the integration services, we can provide CRM consulting to help you choose the right CRM system based on your needs and requirements. This will be followed by the CRM configuration and setup.

Get your Travel CRM software all fine-tuned and running.


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