Bespoke Travel Software

We deliver unique travel technology solutions tailored to your needs and requirements
Bespoke software applications can often represent a much better choice for travel companies compared to the so-called ‘’off-the-shelf software’’ (designed for everyone). They are unique and are built to properly meet and reflect the specifics of your business.
Our team has a long-standing expertise of building bespoke software for travel businesses of different types and specialization across the globe.

We Give You a Range of Options

We can create a completely new solution if you’re looking to patch a gap in your business workflows and bring more efficiency with smart automation.
With our deep knowledge of travel technologies, we can take up redesign projects of any complexity to re-factor your existing systems and give them a new lease of life.
We can enrich your infrastructure with an external travel tool of your choice, making sure to configure and customize it to fit seamlessly into your processes.

Build Your Unique Solution from the Ground Up

Our experience of building bespoke travel solutions spans across our entire 19+ years of history. We combine in-depth domain knowledge and top-notch technical skill to deliver solutions that are just the right match for your technical and business needs.

We source high-quality bespoke development

In various development areas
  • Web Development
  • Mobile Development
  • Product Engineering
  • UI / UX Design
  • Enterprise Software Development
As different solutions
  • Travel Booking Engines
  • Mobile Apps
  • Bespoke Travel Websites
  • Metasearch Engines
  • Complex Business Process Automation
  • Unique Concept Implementations

Time-tested approach to bespoke development

Discovery phase and business analysis

Prior to any development activity our team collaborates with you to put together a complete vision and stack of project requirements. As a result, our team produces Backlog and Vision documents outlining technical requirements, business needs and a clear set of objectives and tasks to be completed.

Agile project management

We adhere to the latest Agile project management practices allowing us to meet any change requests and most urgent project needs. Regular backlog refinement and prioritization brings in flexibility that is sufficient to produce shippable project items at the end of every iteration.

Schedule management

During the initial project phases we come up with an agreed delivery plan for key project items. We closely monitor project timelines to ensure successful completion of all planned project milestones.

Risk and budget management

We control the project budget by closely monitoring costs reports and performance on a regular basis. In case of limited budgets, assigned PMs will promptly inform project owners in case a limit is close to being reached. In addition we identify, document and assess all project risks and their potential impact on development budgets.

Schedule management

We make all the necessary arrangements to ensure streamlined and transparent project communication. We strive to reduce a number of information exchange routes and provide customers with a single point of communication using proven project management and task tracking tools.

On-going support and maintenance

By default we provide complete technical support and maintenance of all bespoke systems we deliver according to SLA agreements signed with every customer. An SLA normally stipulates types of system issues and specific reaction times to address each of them.
Bespoke Travel Software
Development of a Brand-new Online Booking Portal
GP Solutions delivered an innovative travel booking portal covering B2B and B2C sales for established US-based marketing and technology corporation.

We Improve Legacy Travel Software

Technology is advancing at a breathtaking pace. Any solution, no matter how modern and advanced at the time of its release, becomes obsolete and requires renovation. The travel market in general also puts extra pressure on existing solutions in terms of performance and design.
Our team can perform a range of activities which can help renovate, improve performance or scale up your existing solution to drive better customer engagement and more bookings.

Gap Analysis

In case your existing solution is underperforming, our specialists can run an in-depth assessment and suggest steps that should be taken to make sure your current software fully meets its business objectives. This activity is usually part of a complex system redesign, but can also be offered as a separate service.

Code Reviews

We can prepare a conscious and structured report on the current state of code in your application relying on our long-standing expertise in travel software development. When done right, a code review:
  • Streamlines the development process
  • Drastically reduces the amount of QA effort
  • Save your time by focusing on what matters

Code Refactoring

This is the right choice if you need to improve code productivity without changing external behaviour of your application.
  • Improved architecture;
  • Better code readability;
  • Easier code maintenance.

Extension of Legacy Systems

As the need might be, our experts can develop additional functionality to extend your current system capabilities in different areas:
  • B2C and B2B travel sales;
  • Reservation management;
  • Travel supplier management, etc.

Completion of Legacy Projects

We can take up your project at any production stage and continue where your previous team left off. We’ll start with a detailed documentation study and code review to suggest the most productive and time-saving way that can lead the project to its logical completion.

Don’t Know Where to Start with Your Bespoke Travel Solution Idea?

Third-party Travel
Software Integrations

We can get your software connected to external travel systems that will drive better functionality and performance for your business. While expanding your capabilities, additional travel integrations we add keep your data up-to-date and consistent across your software infrastructure.

Our travel integration experience

We’ve accumulated strong expertise in B2B supplier integrations. Our team can connect you to diverse system types, including: GDSs, flight consolidators, bedbanks, transfer wholesalers, саг rental and sightseeings aggregators, etc.
We can get them connected for your as standalone integrations or with the help of our proprietary aggregator GP Travel Hub.
In addition to B2B suppliers, our integration team can plug you into a number of other systems commonly used in travel booking workflows:
  • Channel managers (YieldPlanet, SiteMinder, DerbySoft, etc.)
  • Content suppliers (for ex.,GIATA, Tripadvisor, etc.);
  • Mapping suppliers (GIATA, Gimmonix, DataBindR, etc.);
  • Online maps (Google Maps, YandexMaps. etc.)

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