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B2B Module

Connect your partners into one digital network so they can search and book your travel products online right on your single platform.

Our B2B module is an essential tool to automate your sales through all the B2B channels – your partnering agencies, distribution networks, and corporate clients. Supporting multi-level distribution, this B2B reservation platform allows your partners to create their own sub-nets of agents to expand your sales reach even further.


With our solution, you create a single convenient workplace for your B2B partners, who can now easily find the best offers from all available travel suppliers, book them online, and keep track of all reservations.

Who Can Use the Module

Travel Agencies
Tour Operators
Distribution Networks
Corporate Clients

B2B Expands your Opportunities

  • Single Booking Platform

    Provide all partners with a single access point to search and book offers from both your online suppliers and your own inventory.

  • Partner Log-ins

    Create branded partner accounts in your system to provide direct access to the full online booking functionality.

  • Multi-Level Distribution

    Build your multi-level networks of partners and their sub-agents to expand your sales capabilities.

  • Sales Automation

    Use our powerful booking engine to fully automate your multi-channel sales, from search to analytics.

  • Analytics

    Gain extra visibility into your partner performance with detailed sales reports to keep tabs on your network efficiency.

  • 24/7 Booking

    Remove barriers to unlimited booking opportunities so that your partners can search and book online anytime.

Want to Know More?

How your Partners Can Use B2B

Web Interface

We deliver responsive B2B travel portals based on customizable templates. Connected to your booking engine, they speed up and simplify online booking experience for your partners and corporate clients.

API Integration

This option is perfect if your partners and corporate clients want to book from you using their own systems. This way they can still get access to the unabridged functionality yet stay within their own interfaces.

What you Get with B2B

Why use B2B for your business? Here are the benefits of using this B2B travel software for your  company:

Centralized Sales

  • Unified booking system for all the B2B sales channels

  • Flexible rule configuration for commissions and markups

  • Complete self-booking for partners and corporate clients

  • 24/7 search-and-book availability for your products

  • Excellent online booking experience via B2B interfaces and API integration

  • End-to-end automation of reservation management

  • Data-driven partner relationship management based on detailed performance analytics

with Partners

More Business

Expanded sales and increased revenue by connecting multi-level distributors, such as tour operators and agencies with multiple business branches.

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