Cruise Booking Software

Helping cruise companies build their new booking systems or give a new lease of life to their current software

Working with cruise operators for the past 10 years, GP Solutions has built up the expertise to ease our clients’ daily challenges of offering relevant cruise booking services internationally.

What We Deliver To Cruise Companies

One of our strongest disciplines, custom travel software development is your way to build a fully unique online booking and reservation management system unlike others on the market today.

Custom Cruise Booking Engine

We offer fast and stress-free integrations with leading suppliers of your choice to expand your product offering. This is possible through our original GP Travel Hub as well as third-party APIs.

Integration with Third-party Suppliers

Special for cruise companies, we offer platform integration and customization from our market-leading partnering vendor.

Cruise Reservation System out of the Box

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Cruise Reservation Software development.

Automate Your Cruise Reservation To The Fullest

We’ve partnered with a leading provider of cruise reservation software so that you can automate essentially everything related to inventory, booking and yield management. This configurable system can be made available via multiple channels:

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B2B and B2C
Booking Portals

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Inventory Management

  • Allotment tracking and control
  • Flexible ruled-based management and probability analysis
  • Custom segments supported
  • Itinerary and schedule change management
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Pricing Management

  • Flexible business rules
  • Dynamic prices supported
  • Easy promotion and discount management
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Product Management

  • Unlimited product listings
  • Support of on-board services, transportation, hotels and add-ons
  • Complex and dynamic packages
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Payments & Accounting

  • Rule-based reservation accounting
  • All types of payments and their combinations supported, including online card payments and coupons
  • Refund processing
  • Invoicing, and more
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Reservation Management

  • Targeted UI for different user segments
  • Group, multi-itinerary and shared-cabin booking
  • Mix-and-match of multiple products in one booking
  • Scheduling and reservation for all types of on-board public facilities (conference rooms, restaurants, spa, etc.)
  • Support of multiple languages and currencies
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  • Complete customer and agency
  • CRM Contact management
  • Loyalty programs supported, including gift certificates and coupons
  • Marketing campaign management
  • Sales automation
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Guest Management

  • Detailed profiling with complete history of booking, spending, and communication
  • Profile and history-based personalization
  • Loyalty programs supported
  • Duplicates control
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Yield and
Revenue Management

  • Price control with selling limits, tiered promotions, and more
  • Oversell management
  • Nesting support
  • Demand forecasting
  • Rule-based cabin assignment
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Agency Management

  • Detailed profiling
  • Rule-based commission management
  • Performance tracking and agent recognition
  • Loyalty programs supported
  • Duplicates control
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  • Reporting server integration
  • Operational and management reports

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