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Startups are by far the main drivers of progress and innovation on the travel market. However, they may often face challenges with software development services, especially at early stages.
Our team knows how to help travel startups cover up any software development gaps. We offer a range of services to nurture breakthrough travel software from the ground up till successful market release.

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We Help Travel Startups with:

Diverse business models:
  • Travel Tech vendors
  • OTAs
  • Metasearch Engines
  • TMCs
  • Tour Operators
  • Unique business concepts
  • Hospitality Projects
Various funding sources:
  • Funded by Venture Capital
  • Self-funded startups
  • Angel Funded
  • Tech Incubator Startups
  • Startup Ventures by established brands
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Searching for a reliable technology company to support your travel startup?
Look no further than GP Solutions.

A Range of Services to Bring Great Ideas to Life

Discovery and Analysis

Our team can run a comprehensive analysis of your travel software idea to define how feasible it is in the real world. Our experts also prepare detailed technical guidelines for cost-effective and successful project implementation.

Ongoing Dedicated Development and Support

Our time-tested allocation procedure allows us to build efficient dedicated development teams around various core development technologies. We can act as your ‘outsource CTO’, fully covering the tech side while our clients concentrate on business strategy.

MVP Development

MVP (‘Minimum Viable Product’) stands for a software version with just enough features for use by early customers who can provide valuable feedback for future product development. This is a widely practiced way of assessing brand-new software concepts before any significant investments are made.
GP Solutions can build an effective team to quickly and qualitatively develop and design your MVP and help you test your fresh travel solution in the real world.

Our Typical MVP Delivery Workflow

1. Data collection

We gather and aggregate insightful information regarding your software concept and features.

2. Discovery phase

We analyze your software concept, run market and competitor analysis to prepare complete business and technical requirements.

3. Development

Our team of software engineers converts the collected requirements into a feasible solution ready for launch.

4. Launch & feedback

We release the MVP in live mode to start collecting response from early users.

“GP Solutions established a dynamic website that received positive feedback from the members. The team has been devoted and delivered the project on time and within budget. The project was well managed considering the scope and complexity.”

Nikolas Appels, Founder & CEO

Key advantages of MVP development

Idea validation

MVP development is a reliable tactic to limit redundant expenses until it is obvious that your custom software concept is working. This is a proven way to protect yourself against many project risks.

Cost-effective approach

MVP helps to test your software and overall business concept in production without any significant investments. It is a great way to save money at early project stages.

Knowledge base for future development

The feedback collected from early MVP software users is the source of valuable insights for future development planning. It allows to find out which features work and what needs to be added ASAP to make your software a better fit for the market.

Risk mitigation

MVP helps to discover how well your core software features meet your customer’s expectations and solve their pain points. It is a great approach for early discovery of different ways and aspects to improve your development.
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Need an MVP developed to validate your travel app? Our team is at your service.

The 4 Building Blocks We Add to Your Travel Startup


Domain knowledge

The experts we assign are always happy to provide valuable recommendations at different development stages. Our professional advice is proactive and driven by in-depth travel domain experience we obtained on numerous real-life cases, including that of travel startups.

Established development process

  • We can support you at all development stages
  • We source time-tested Agile and Scrum practices
  • We bring in dedicated project management

All-round technology support

We know how to run development in various technologies depending on your needs.

Flexible payment conditions

We provide flexibility to choose a development option that suits you best:
  • Fixed price
  • Time & material
  • Cost+

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Struggling with your brand-new travel application development? We are here to help!

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