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We deliver travel portal development to create your prime channel of online sales

GP Solutions tops up its extensive range of travel tech solutions with travel portal development services to build highly productive digital booking and sales outlets.
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We’ve built travel portals for:

Online Travel Agencies

Online Travel Agencies

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Travel Wholesalers

Travel Agencies

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Tour Operators

Tour Operators

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Travel Startups

Travel Startups

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Destination Management Companies

Destination Management Companies

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Business Travel Agencies

Travel Management Companies

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Our travel portals efficiently support complete search & book flows for:

to do list
car rental
Car Hire
Cruises & Ferries
Tour Packages

Complete functionality for your travel portal

Whether built from the ground up or integrated from our proprietary solutions, we can deliver fully-fledged functionality to equip your portal with every essential element required for excellent customer experience:
Travel Portal Software
  • Secure checkout process
  • Booking confirmations
  • Booking status notifications
  • Complete travel documentation (vouchers, invoices, price-lists, etc.)
  • Payment gateway integrations
  • Reservation management
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Up-sell/cross-sell options
  • Search & book functionality
  • Deal comparison
  • Advanced business rules functionality
  • Detailed product descriptions with high-res graphics

Development Options

We serve you up with three routes to take for developing your online travel portal:

Default Templates

Default Templates

Our core booking engine GP Travel Enterprise delivers off-the-shelf templates which can be productively incorporated into your booking process.

GP Travel Hub

GP Travel Hub

Power up your travel portal with a gateway to 75+ travel supplier integrations. Provide a solid back-end foundation for your online portal to accelerate its growth.

Custom Portal Development

Custom Portal Development

A bespoke travel portal and booking widgets developed from scratch to fit your specific requirements.

Robust Suite of Capabilities
for Your Travel Portal

We’ve been refining our technologies for almost two decades to build a versatile suite of solutions for travel portal development. Fit for both web and mobile, they come as customizable off-the-shelf products or bespoke software.
Below is an overview of the capabilities enabled by our solutions for your business:

Serve B2B and B2C audiences

You can effectively use our solutions to cater for individual travelers, travel agents, your partners (travel agencies and tour operators) and corporate clients.

You are free to use our out-of-the-box portal builder with a default template or opt for API integration of GP Travel Enterprise modules with your custom-made website to turn it into a full-fledged travel booking portal.

B2B and B2C audiences


Build your B2C white label travel portal or integrate search&book widgets into your existing website using a template or custom design. Extra options include integration of your booking forms into affiliate websites for a much wider outreach.


Build a dedicated online B2B travel portal or provide your corporate clients and distributors with direct access to your booking system with personal accounts, configurable markups and commissions. You can also enjoy unique multi-level distribution network functionality to distribute via multiple partner tour operators and sub-agencies.

Sell self-operated or third-party inventory

Unlike other development companies, GP Solutions caters for any business model used by travel businesses. We make sure your online travel portal software can accommodate both your own travel product and the offering contracted from third party.

GP Travel Hub

Integrate with 75+ leading suppliers, such as GDSs, bedbanks, flight aggregators, OTAs, Channel Managers, CRSs, Content Suppliers, Mapping Service Providers and others.
You can also easily manage listed inventory descriptions to maximize their marketing appeal to your audiences.

GP Inventory

Create your own travel products and put them online while managing them from one place.
Your inventory can include a broad scope of product types, from self-operated charters and accommodation to car hire and insurance, which can be wrapped into complex and dynamic packages if required.
Discover more options to manage
your Travel Inventory.

Keep control over your pricing and finances

Our Business rules engine enables configurable pricing policies (markups, commissions, penalties) for different channels and types of distributors. It also allows creating and managing rule-based discounts and special offers.

Other modules cover your complete financial workflow management, which can also be enabled through integration with your third-party accounting systems.

Pricing and finance

Integrate with market-leading payment providers

Our solutions feature built-in gateways to 20+ online well-known payment providers so that you can enable secure and fast checkout for your customers’ online payments.

Sell in multiple

Our travel booking portal software supports multi-currency calculations. You can either enter exchange rates manually or integrate specialized feeds from the official financial institutions’ data, all available within our platform.

Reach a wider audience via mobile interfaces

Our travel portal solutions can be delivered with sleek and highly functional mobile-oriented interfaces supporting complete booking flows for any travel product you choose to sell. Increase your visibility and coverage amongst mobile device users via:

Adaptive website layouts

All our off-the-shelf templates are built to support nicely arranged booking layouts in popular mobile browsers like Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, etc.

Native mobile apps

We provide a ready-made Android booking app customizable to your needs. Our team can also build unique Android and iOS applications according to specific requirements.

Stay In Touch via Online Chats

We build online chats into our travel portal solutions to provide your visitors with a handy tool to communicate with you directly. This ensures a higher visitor engagement and makes your booking assistance easier.
We’ll also integrate the online chat tightly with your reservation management system so that no booking request is missed.
Online Chats

Run analysis with on-demand booking reports

Our travel portal software provides visualized reports on sales performance and financial metrics. On top of that, advanced analytics is available through our system.
With this range of on-demand reports you can get a deeper understanding of your travel business in terms of:
  • Look-to-book ratios
  • Bookings by travel product type
  • Sales by suppliers, clients, agencies, regions and more
Booking reports
Get in touch to find out more about the
development options we offer

Our Travel Portal Software Integration Roadmap

For each client we assign a Customer Success Manager who leads a project that goes through a set of sequential phases:

Getting in touch

Understanding your requirements is a must for us to help you pick the right integration scope and model. Drop us your request and we’ll set off to come up with a personalized proposal and all the information about pricing, engagement models etc.

Expert consultation

We’ll go on clarifying your business goals and refining your project scope, usually formalized as separately arranged ‘Vision’ and ‘Backlog’ documents. At this stage, you will know the complete action plan along with the cost and delivery schedule.

Project kick-off

Once we’re on the same page, we’ll kick off the setup of your travel software and proceed to implement any custom developments agreed upon during analysis. You’ll be keeping track of the progress through regular status updates provided by the Customer Success Manager.


We deliver on-going support and maintenance of the solution along with continuous upgrades as part of new releases and / or upon your personal request.
set up


We launch the solution into operation (LIVE mode) - in full or split into steps as agreed.

Training phase

Once we’re on the same page, we’ll kick off the setup of your travel software and proceed to implement any custom developments agreed upon during analysis. You’ll be keeping track of the progress through regular status updates provided by the Customer Success Manager.

Let’s discuss your travel portal development project in detail.

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