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We deliver travel portal development to create your prime channel of online sales

GP Solutions tops up its extensive range of travel tech solutions with travel portal development services for your digital booking and sales outlet.

We build travel portals for major categories of travel service providers:

Whether you sell self-operated or contracted vacation packages, our scope of portal development competencies covers it all. Here’s the key types of travel products we can make available for search and booking, among others:


Charter Flights





Built from the ground up or integrated from our proprietary solutions, this full-range functionality will equip your portal with every essential element of an excellent customer experience:

  • User registration

  • Search

  • Product descriptions

  • Deal comparison

  • Booking

  • Secure checkout

  • Confirmations

  • Voucher printing

  • Email notifications

  • Reservation management

  • Analytics

We serve you up with three routes to take for developing your online travel portal:

Our core platform has a default template which can be easily embedded everywhere.

A powerful system to serve as your gateway to 80+ suppliers, a backend foundation, and a project accelerator.

A bespoke travel portal and booking widgets developed from scratch to fit your specific requirements.

Custom Travel Portals

Apart from our GP Travel Enterprise product, we are equally well-versed in custom travel portal development.

Together, we’ll audit your business requirements and come up your version of a booking portal that will be designed, tested and released under your close supervision.

Get in touch to find out which of the options is best for you. We’re open to Free Consultations.

Your Ultimate Travel Portal Software

We’ve been working for the last decade to refine our technologies, and this dedication resulted in a versatile suite of travel portal solutions. Fit for web and mobile, they come both as customizable off-the-shelf products and bespoke software.

What follows is the overview of your capabilities enabled by the solutions and delivered to you by our in-house teams:

Serve B2C and B2B audiences

With our diversified modules, you can cater to individual travelers, your partners, such as travel agencies and tour operators, and corporate clients alike.

You are free to use our out-of-the-box portal builder with a default template to create your customized and branded frontend. As the second option, you can opt for API integration of the GP Travel Enterprise modules with your custom-made website to turn it into a full-fledged travel portal.


Build your online travel portal, or integrate search-n-book widgets into your existing website, using template or custom design.

Extra options include integration of your booking forms into your affiliates’ websites and mobile apps.


Build a dedicated B2B travel portal or provide your corporate clients and distributors with direct access to your booking system, where you can create their personal accounts and configure markups and commissions.

The latter option also supports multi-level distribution networks consisting of tour operators and their sub-agencies.


“GP Solutions established a dynamic website that received positive feedback from the members. The team has been devoted and delivered the project on time and within budget. The project was well managed considering the scope and complexity.”

Nikolas Appels, Founder & CEO

Sell self-operated or third-party inventory

We support all the business models of travel companies, and that’s how we make sure your online travel portal software accommodates both your own and contracted inventory.

Integrate with 80+ leading suppliers, such as GDSs, bedbanks, channel managers, flight consolidators, and others.

You can also easily manage listed inventory descriptions to maximize their marketing appeal to your audiences.

Create your own travel products and put them online while managing them from a single place.

Your inventory can include a broad scope of product types, from self-operated charters and accommodation to car hire and insurance, which can be wrapped into complex and dynamic packages if needed.

Discover more Travel Inventory Opportunities.

Keep Control over Your Pricing and Finances

Our Business rules engine enables configurable pricing policies (markups, commissions, penalties) for different channels and types of distributors. It also allows creating and managing rule-based discounts and special offers.

Other modules cover your complete financial workflow management, which can also be enabled through integration with your third-party accounting systems.

Integrate with Market-leading Payment Providers

Our solutions feature built-in gateways to 18+ online well-known payment providers so that you can enable secure and fast checkout for your customers’ online payments.

Switch Between

Our travel portal software supports multi-currency calculations. You can either enter exchange rates manually or integrate with the official financial institutions’ data, all available within our platform.

Stay In Touch via Online Chats

We build online chats into our travel portal solutions to provide your visitors with a handy tool to communicate with you directly. This ensures a higher visitor engagement and makes your booking assistance easier.

We’ll also integrate the online chat tightly with your reservation management system so that no booking request is missed.

Connect your CRM for a Complete Picture

We have built both Basic and Extended CRM modules, so that you can either integrate your existing CRM system with your travel portal, or use our specialized travel CRM for this purpose.

Our Extended CRM comes with an integrated online booking tool for you to see and manage your complete online reservations and booking requests right from a single system.

Analyze with On-demand Booking Reports

By default, our travel portal software provides visualized reports on sales performance and financial metrics. On top of that, advanced analytics is available through our system.

With this range of on-demand reports, you can get a deeper understanding of your travel business:

  • The look-to-book ratio

  • Bookings by travel product types

  • Sales by suppliers, clients, agencies, regions, and more

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