March 10, 2020 | News

ComBtas & GP Solutions have Established a Strategic Partnership

GP Solutions signed a deal with one of the leading providers of travel expense management solutions ComBtas.

This strategic partnership is intended for our joint customers in the Israeli market, enabling us to better assist their projects. Through our cooperation, we strive to deliver innovations in a complex and dynamic travel environment.

As a consequence of this collaboration, ComBtas will promote GP Solutions’ turnkey products – GP Travel Enterprise and GP Travel Hub, for them to get the most from GP Solutions’ top-notch technology solutions.

Our joint work, colossal experience, and advanced technologies are aimed at increasing efficiency and stability for the most demanding leaders on the travel market.

About Combtas

ComBtas is a leading provider of travel expense management solutions designed for corporations and small & medium enterprises (SMEs). ComBtas offers corporate customers an efficient comprehensive travel management solution with all of the needed features in one easy-to-use platform. Businesses benefit from real-time control and supervision of all travel and expense activity for increased cost-effectiveness.

ComBtas is a software company established in 2006 by experts in the field of business travel management systems. ComBtas specializes in the development of travel management systems for companies and organizations and provides consultation services in the field of business travel.

More information about ComBtas you can find here.

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