December 1, 2019 | News

GP Solutions provided technical assistance to help Leonardo become one of the first companies connected to New Photo API

As a result of our cooperation with Leonardo, we’ve integrated the innovative solution of, that provides easy and reliable photo management.

Leonardo’s hotel chain customers now can expect the following benefits:

  • Photo updates live on the site in 15 minutes or less
  • Improved content scores due to automated distribution
  • Push content to property and room type galleries

This faster onboarding and accurate photo management will make the system more appealing to new properties. On the other hand, easy bulk upload lets properties reach a 100% content score faster. This can increase bookings by up to 18%

About Leonardo

“Our solutions are built on 20 years of hospitality industry experience. We bring technology, support, and service together to help hospitality companies reduce costs, increase revenue and help people have better travel experiences. Our technology platform is flexible and scalable so that each of our customers can create the ideal solution for their digital marketing challenges today and in the future”

For more information about Leonardo, visit

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