March 28, 2012 | News

GP Solutions’ Technologies in the Online Booking System TRS MAESTRO (

New Russian online booking system TRS MAESTRO takes the advantage of GP Solutions’ technologies. With one of our ready-made products – GP HUB, – TRS MAESTRO gained an opportunity to use aggregated offers from a large number of suppliers through unified XML-gateway, already prepared for integration. This approach enables TRS MAESTRO to effectively manage its resources and share responsibilities, where GP Solutions deals with all the technical questions concerning work with suppliers, allowing development department of TRS MAESTRO to concentrate on the development of UI. 

TRS MAESTRO is a fully automatized hotels and airline tickets booking system, which operates in the 24/7 mode and includes remote payment via Internet, Kiwi terminal or bank.


  • in 5 minutes to choose, pay and receive a voucher for a hotel or flight, 

  • to get a good price because the cost excludes the expenses for office work, 

  • to eliminate errors: the information is not distorted or lost, but immediately comes to the hotel or airline,

  • to compare the prices of several operators

  • to receive support in Russian

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