July 23, 2018 | Platform Releases

GP Solutions Travel Platform 7.2: What’s new

New Release of GP Travel Enterprise 7.2 includes further enhancements in available modules to connect and overall capabilities of the system.

To schedule the upgrade of your version to Release 7.2, please contact technical support.

Release 7.2 Highlights:


    – Flights: GDS Terminals

  1. Inventory:

    – Hotels: Daily rates
    – Hotels: Surcharges
    – Hotels: Reset Blockout
    – Hotels: Renaming “stop sale” to “terminate allotment”
    – Hotels: Inherited tariffs
    – Hotels: Ability to confirm via e-mail

  2. B2B:

    – Hotels: Confirmation number for hotels
    – Flights: Search by schedule by booking class
    – Flights: Split PNR
    – Booking: Autocomplete client during the booking process

    1) Enterprise Management:
    – Hotels availability report
    – Comments in the notification “Deposit update”
    – Display current balance of the company
    – Record user details during put/withdraw deposit
    – Consolidated emails on cancellation dates
    2) Gateways:
    – Manual refund via Stripe
    – API
    – Daily rates
    – Changes in current methods
    – Changes in Export API

To help you in exploring major updates and enhancements Release 7.2 has to offer, we kindly invite you to familiarize yourself with the following presentation.

You can also contact us via support@software.travel with “Release 7.2” in a subject line if you have any questions regarding the upcoming software release.

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