June 27, 2022 | Platform Releases

GP Travel Enterprise 8.14 Release: Hotel Map, Activities Calendar and more

Dear Colleagues, Clients, and Partners!

Our team is happy to announce the rollout of GP Travel Enterprise 8.14. We have implemented valuable improvements to make your travel management processes more efficient.

This release is about the optimized search&book process, UI and back-office improvements, and recent API changes.

Today, we’re announcing:

New website capabilities

  • On the search form of hotels, we added a new configurable option (switched off by default) to see own hotels on the map. When a user clicks the button “View” on Map, it is opened in a pop-up window.
  • We have added new functionality to view Own Activities in the calendar format. When clicking the “View Calendar” button, it opens a pop-up with activities sorted by months. The user can click on any activity to go to the corresponding activity page with a description and available offers.
Map of own hotels
Activities Calendar

Packages: Alternative View of results

  • For more convenient work with the packages, new alternative view is added on the search results page. You can select the results view using the switch icons in the view variation corner.
Alternative View of results

Reservations page:

  • The option of Manual Correction of services in a reservation is now available on the Website. This action can be used by Tour operators of 1st level only.
  • On the Website, we added new functionality for working with reservations. Now it is possible to confirm or reject services in status Confirmation pending.
    This action is available for:
    ➢ Tour operators of 1st level
    ➢ Internal Suppliers
    Also, it is possible to enter a reference number when confirming the request.
  • We added new functionality, “Cancel All” in reservations with two or more services. It can be used when it is needed to cancel all services in a reservation.
  • Now it is possible to upload and view the list of attached documents to a certain reservation.
  • Also, we added the possibility to cancel Package Tour with one button Cancel. When using this option, users will see common information about penalties, and by clicking “Confirm Cancellation,” all services in the tour will be canceled.
Reservation Request
Reservations - Confirm & Reject
Reservations - Mass cancellation
Reservations - View & Upload Documents
Reservations - Tours Cancellation

Mobile Version: new UI of the Reservation list

  • We improved the UI of the list of reservations in the Mobile Version for more convenient work and a modern view. Also, the filter has been moved to a separate tab.
Mobile Version Ui

Back-Office improvements

  • We added new logic regarding the use of tariffs and discounts of our own hotels – Late booking less than X days before the service rendering date.

API enhancements

  • API changes regard Companies, Accommodations and Orders. You can get details on API improvements here and in our Release 8.14 Presentation. If API changes affect the API methods you use, please, make the needed adjustments on your side.

Сontact our Support Team to update to GP Travel Enterprise 8.14, and feel free to drop us a message via support@software.travel with “Release 8.14” in the subject line if you have any questions. We will be happy to answer them!

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