August 26, 2021 | Platform Releases

GPTE Release 8.9: New Itinerary Builder and Website Capabilities

GP Solutions is pleased to announce the release of GP Travel Enterprise 8.9. For better discoverability of new features across the platform, we are bringing together the release announcements covering Itinerary Builder, UI/UX changes and Back-office enhancements.

This release is all about new capabilities and enhancements in existing platform modules to streamline and improve your user experience. We’ve also done major changes to API, so if they affect the API methods you are using, please adjust integration from your side.

Today, we’re announcing:

New Itinerary Builder:

  • We have created Itinerary builder with completely new functionality, that will help to illustrate future trips for your clients. In order to display all the details, it is necessary to add descriptions and photos to the reservation in the back office.
Itinerary builder
  • By setting up and specifying all the details in the back office you easily get more professional-looking product.
  • Day-by-day itinerary can include suggestions for specific day plans or general information tailored to fit each day of a trip.
Daily trip info

New Website Capabilities:

  • We’ve created a detailed route map for the activities on a website.
Route Map
  • Changes in our CMS system: new field “Order” gives a possibility to change the order of display of Popular Destinations on the main page.
  • Last, but not least: some UI enhancements of the Website have been made: updated design for search results page, hotel page, reservation page, and order page.
Result of search

To explore major updates and enhancements of Release 8.9, kindly take a look at our Release Presentation. If you’re already using our system, feel free to contact our Support Team in order to update your system up to Release 8.9.

You can also contact us via with “Release 8.9” in a subject line if you have any questions regarding the upcoming software release.

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