May 10, 2018 | Platform Releases

We’re introducing GP Travel Enterprise 7.1!

The Release 7.1 of GP Travel Platform is just around the corner and includes further enhancements in available modules to connect and overall capabilities of the system.

The delivery of Release 7.1 will happen within the nearest week. The exact date will be announced separately.

Release 7.1: Highlights

    – Payment gateway Stripe
    – Discounts and promotions
    – Conditional commissions for hotels


Image result for stripe payment


    1) Inventory:
    – Hotels: Terms of availability of tariffs
    – Hotels: Description for internal use
    2) Enterprise Management:
    – Search reservations by trip name
    – Search private clients by e-mail
    – External Member Id for private clients
    – Subscription for marketing e-mails for private clients
    – VAT plans codes
    3) API
    – Extra services from hotels
    – Promo codes
    – Changes in current methods
    – Changes and extensions of b2c user profile
    – Static data import

To help you in exploring major updates and enhancements Release 7.11 has to offer, we kindly invite you to familiarize yourself with the following presentation.

You can also contact us via with “Release 7.11” in a subject line if you have any questions regarding the upcoming software release.

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