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6 Oct, 2021

Welcome to Our Travel Technology Blog!

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Why did we launch it?

Online technology is changing travel right in front of our eyes. New booking websites and mobile go live on a regular basis and keep pushing the industry forward to new heights. But at the same time, all the different solutions and systems that come and go so quickly make travel technology almost too complex to comprehend without assistance.

This travel technology resource is our “helping hand” to all fellow travel professionals who wish to get a wholesome idea of modern travel technology in its various aspects. We make every effort to approach and describe different travel tech topics as complex as they are but in the most vivid and clear way possible.

What do we focus on here?

Our blog is set to become a reliable source of up-to-date professional insights related to:

  • The overall structure and peculiar features of the modern travel technology landscape;
  • Different types of software and solutions actively used in travel worldwide;
  • Technical infrastructure patterns used by different types of travel businesses (incl. tour operators, online travel agencies, business travel companies, DMCs, etc.);
  • Current and emerging trends in global travel tech;
  • Practical professional advice on the most productive uses of technology for different business models

… and plenty of other valuable information.

Who can benefit from our blog?

Our plan is to publish articles that can be of interest to the widest array of travel professionals:

Technicals specialists

Technical specialists (from medium-level to CTOs)

сan rely on this resource for trustworthy professional opinions on various travel technology subjects.


Startup founders

making their first humble steps in the industry will receive valuable tips on better ways to build their businesses;

Decision makers

Decision makers from established b2b and b2c travel companies

will get plenty of useful information here that can help them to make better business decisions;

What data sources do we rely on?

We give utmost priority to our company’s own knowledge base earned from 19+ years of global practical experience delivering all kinds of innovative travel technology solutions – from turnkey travel automation systems to complex custom development solutions based on specific requirements. All external links used in our articles will point readers only to reliable and trusted sources of news, stats, and analytics that are widely acclaimed across the travel industry.

So, welcome to our blog, and be sure to catch up with all the brand new travel technology content!

Alex Shmyga
Senior Travel Tech Advisor at GP Solutions
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