Car Trawler

Car Trawler, one of the world’s largest car rental providers, aggregates offers from hundreds of leading and independent car rental companies. The cars offered by Car Trawler Company are available in 135 countries and 17,000 cities and airports.

  • Car Trawler Car Hire
Number of units: over 550
Specialization: worldwide
Description language: 22 languages
Supported currencies: various currencies according to the contract

One of 50+ GP Hub's modules, the Car Trawler Car Hire Module allows connecting to Car Trawler consolidator to book cars online.

Basic module features:
  • Search for car rental offers by destination and date
  • View rental charges
  • Rent cars
  • Cancel car rental orders

Check out the list of our projects or contact us in order to get more information regarding Car Trawler XML API integration options.