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Jumeirah Integration

The Dubai-based online travel agency Jumeirah offers hotels of different categories located in the United Arab Emirates as well as those in Thailand, China and several European countries.

Number of units: over 20 hotels
Specialization: UAE
Description language: English
Supported currencies: according to the contract
Web-site: jumeirah.com

The part of GP Travel Hub, Jumeirah Hotels Module enables to search and book accommodation services from Jumeirah tour operator specializing in the United Arab Emirates.

Basic module features:

  • Search for a hotel by city, category, hotel name, dates of stay, number of rooms and tourists
  • View detailed hotel descriptions
  • View price breakdown per day
  • View information on penalty charges
  • Book hotels
  • Edit hotel order (tourist names except for tour leader’s, dates of stay, room types, tariffs)
  • Print out vouchers
  • Cancel hotel bookings