Silverbyte Integration

Silverbyte Ltd. is a leading supplier of property management software (PMS) to the hotel and hospitality industry since 1992. Optima has hundreds of installations in Europe, Africa, Asia, USA and commanding 85% of the hotel Market in Israel.

Number of units: 1000 hotels worldwide.
Specialization: worldwide
Description language: English
Supported currencies: depends on the type of contract

Silverbyte LTD. presents property management software (PMS) solution: the Optima Solution.

Based on the latest advanced technology, Optima, Hotel Management Software solution, gives the hotel all the features and functions to provide top-notch guest services, expected by a sophisticated hotel while keeping the daily work simple and swift. It allows the hotel’s staff to use progressive tools to give better, more personal and efficient service to guests. The software also gives management at all levels in all areas, dynamic and accurate information and statistics to make informed decisions.