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Travel Fusion Integration

By pioneering an innovative model, developed to aggregate the information from hundreds of suppliers, Travelfusion has become one of the world’s major metasearch systems offering the wide range of best travel deals. Direct partnership with 150 air carriers helped Travelfusion to grow into one of the best search aggregators for low cost flights, enabling its customers to always find the most profitable deals.

Number of units: over 150 air carriers
Specialization: worldwide
Description language: English
Supported currencies: according to the contract

The Travelfusion Flights Module of GP Travel HUB enables to connect to Travelfusion distributive system for online airline tickets booking.

Basic module features:

  • Search for one-way flights
  • Search for round way flights
  • Search for flights by city or airport
  • Detailed search by departure time, air carrier, class, search for direct flights
  • Filter flight search results by price, air carrier, flight duration, number of changes
  • View flight fares
  • Book airline tickets
  • Search for air ticket orders by ticket No, tourist name, air carrier
  • Cancel airline tickets (cancellation doesn’t supported via XML and supported by telephone or e-mail)
  • Use Frequent-flyer programs (FFP)