April 21, 2022 | News

GP Solutions becomes a Valued Member of Travel Technology Initiative Network

GP Solutions is excited to announce becoming TTI Valued Member, which means entering a leading membership organization focusing on technology in travel. This is the way for like-minded travel and technology industry professionals to produce meaningful and lasting business relationships.TTI-Valued-Member

A membership in Travel Technology Initiative Program opens up great opportunities to develop meaningful and long-lasting business relationships, meet like-minded travel and technology industry professionals and instigate notable company alliances and find opportunities for project collaboration.

“We are honored to have been named a TTI Valued Member. This organization is one of the key forums for the travel community to meet on a regular basis through TTI’s year-long program of webinars, conferences, and seminars. And, of course, this is a significant milestone for our company overall. Partnerships like these really take you on to another level.”, says Sergey Zubekhin, Co-founder & CEO of GP Solutions.

About TTI Network

As its name suggests, TTI is an organization that is highly focused on offering the very best initiatives and services to the travel community, (from all aspects of its work). It is a membership organization and it cares deeply about the industry sector. This is borne out by its thoughtful approach to developing events and initiatives that are designed to keep in step with travel industry needs.

TTI’s Three Pillars

The very essence of TTI is illustrated in the three defining pillars that underpin all of its activities:

  • Instigating and delivering travel technology initiatives
  • Enlightening and educating members
  • The growth of a unique travel network

All of these factors make TTI an important reference point for members and travel professionals assisting with their development and creating a ‘growth mindset’ to power their businesses forward.

It is run by senior executives from the industry sector that both understand the complexity of the travel industry and add value.

To learn more about TTI Organization, visit www.tti.org.

About GP Solutions

GP Solutions is an established global travel technology vendor with more than 19 years of experience in the development and delivery of ERP-class booking, reservation management, and travel business automation solutions for hundreds of clients across the globe. Our approach is to deliver tailor-made solutions that fully fit clients’ individual requirements. Over 400 businesses worldwide have chosen us as their Travel Technology Partner.


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