March 14, 2022 | Platform Releases

GP Travel Enterprise 8.12 Release: Insurance Module, “Recommended” Button and more

Dear Colleagues, Clients, and Partners!

Our team is happy to announce the rollout of GP Travel Enterprise 8.12. We have implemented valuable improvements to make your travel management processes more efficient.

This release is about the new Insurance Module on the website, UI and back-office improvements, and recent API changes.

Today, we’re announcing:

New website capabilities

  • Please welcome the Insurance module. Within the new release, we have added a new module Travel Insurance on the Website. Travel Insurance covers risks during travel such as loss of passport and personal belonging cover, loss of checked-in baggage, etc. It can be used as a separate product or as a part of packages.

UI enhancements

  • Now you can experience renewed search form design with a modern and comfortable UI
  • The button “change” between departure and arrival points is added on the search form of Transfers, Flights, and Car Rental for a more convenient User Experience.
  • We added the possibility to sort the data by the new option “Recommended” on a search results page. It is necessary to switch on this option on Back-Office to show the mark “Recommended” of these products on the Website.
  • We introduced manual sorting on the rooms and meal types list to make your Own Hotels sorting easier.
  • The max possible days for the daily rates setup was increased.
  • The extra service description is displayed now on the booking page for all products.
  • We added the possibility of manually putting the client’s DOB (not only via calendar) on the booking page. Also, you can use this option to modify the DOB in the reservation.
  • The number of payment statuses has been optimized for more convenient work with reservations. For now, you can experience three payment statuses: Not Paid / Paid / Partly Paid
Ui Design
Reverse Button
Recommended button

Back-Office improvements

Package Tours

  • For Package tours, we added settings to several hotels in one city. Now it is possible to add the necessary number of hotels in one city. Also, you can use the filter “search by name” if there are many hotels on the list.

New Option “Recommended”

  • The new option “Recommended” is implemented for own hotels/excursions/events. If you want to switch on this option in the Back Office, you can sort products by option “Recommended” on the results search page on the Website.

API enhancements

  • API changes regard Accommodations, Transfers and Activities. You can get details on API improvements here and in our Release 8.12 Presentation. If API changes affect the API methods you use, please, make the needed adjustments on your side.

Сontact our Support Team to update to GP Travel Enterprise 8.12, and feel free to drop us a message via with “Release 8.12” in the subject line if you have any questions. We will be happy to answer them!

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