May 30, 2019 | Platform Releases

GP Solutions announcing Release 7.9

Fresh Release 7.9 of GP Travel Enterprise includes new payment gateway, access to a new supplier’s extranet, enhancements in available modules to connect as well as overall capabilities of the system. For scheduling the delivery dates please contact our support team.

What’s new:

    – payment gateway
    1) Inventory/hotels:
    – Supplier’s extranet (new UI)
    – Cancellation pending notification for a supplier
    2) B2B:
    – Changes in the notification of new messages for a reservation
    – New reservation status “New”
    – Travel itinerary for tourists
    – Automatic extension of the input field when moving to a new line in the chat
  • Enhancements in new interface for B2B and B2C:
    – Price modification for a customer during a booking process
    – Display of reservation requests for a corporate client
    – Creating a reservation request for a corporate client
    – Chat in reservations
    – Possibility to request and download an invoice from the supplier in a user account
    – Possibility to pay a supplier’s invoice in a user account
    – Adding a new service to the existing reservation
    – Access to a travel itinerary in a user account
    – Possibility to modify a reservation’s name
    – Redirect to the bookings when clicking on “Overview”
    – New tab “Sports” for SportsEvents365 supplier’s offers
    – Changes in the profile of a corporate client
  • API:
    – Chat
    – Possibility to receive and pay invoices
    – Recieving of tourist itinerary
    – Price modification during a booking process
    – List of available products for adding in the reservation
    – Changes in API methods for managing selfoperated hotels
    – Adding parameters serverTimeZone and userTimeZone in user authorization

To help you in exploring major updates and enhancements Release 7.9 has to offer, we kindly invite you to familiarize yourself with the following presentation.

You can also contact us via with “Release 7.9” in a subject line if you have any questions regarding the upcoming software release.

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