July 2, 2019 | News

GP Solutions’ Front-End Training Course: Highlights and Results

The Course was designed for Junior Front-End Developers in order to prepare trainees to real-life use cases.


  • To create simple pure JS application using the latest JavaScript and CSS 3 features;
  • To build web applications using React.js;
  • To understand and use functional approach of Elm language;
  • To create simple unit tests for React components (Enzyme or Jest).

Training course program was developed in cooperation with recognized GP Soluitons‘ Front-end experts, who thoroughly understand the issues and the requirements of really effective Front-end Development.

All the candidates participated in a three-step offline course. After submission of the result, their work was checked by GP Solutions’ mentors. Candidates that bit the challenge received the next task. After accomplishing the third challenge, semi-finalists were invited for an on-site interview and worked under supervision. From all the participants of the training, three persons were chosen as junior software developers for real projects.

Candidates funnel
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