July 19, 2019 | Platform Releases

GP Travel Enterprise Release 7.10

New Release 7.10 of GP Travel Enterprise will include new features of the existing functionality “Loyalty module”, enhancements in available modules as well as overall capabilities of the system. For scheduling the delivery dates please contact our support team.

New features of Release 7.10:

    – Loyalty module
    – Inventory: Fields for full names for all passengers for individual transfers
    – Enhancements in new interface for B2B and B2C:
    – “Pick up sign” field for transfers
    – “Comments” section for transfers
    – “Showrooms” button for hotels
    – Possibility to download search results in PDF, Word, Excel
    – Improved look and feel of the chat
    – Tooltip informing on a supplier’s price
    – New filters for bookings
    – Search by a hotel’s name
    – Search and booking of flights using promo codes
  • API:
    – “Comments” section for transfers
    – Possibility to download search results for hotels, flights and transfers
    – New parameters in the request of GET /orders
    – New optional parameter “pickUpSign” for transfers
    – Search by a hotel’s name

To help you in exploring major updates and enhancements Release 7.10 has to offer, we kindly invite you to familiarize yourself with the following presentation.

You can also contact us via support@software.travel with “Release 7.10” in a subject line if you have any questions regarding the upcoming software release.

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